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Let’s Praise The God Of Second Chances

Hi everyone!
Happy New Week!
The “Share Your Story” series continues on the blog today and today, we have two amazing ladies sharing how God has lifted them from the dregs and given them second, third and whatever number of chances that they need.
Ene is one of the ladies and we’ll read her story first today, and Efe second.
Ene was a bit confused as to whether she wanted her face out there so I left out her picture but that doesn’t matter.
Still, the freedom from the past is hers!

So Ene told me she wanted to share her story and disappeared for a while.
She reappeared again and said she was just procrastinating even when she knew that she had to share it but actually dreamt that she sent me her story so, here she was to do what she knew she had to do.

Again, she almost stopped writing but thank God for grace!
To everyone who has shared/will share their story on this series, please know that your sharing your testimony hits the nail on the coffin of your past!
It’s dead and gone! And satan cannot use it against you ever again.
And I will tell you what my pastor told me when I was struggling with sharing my story:
“You are not that person anymore, that person is dead and gone. You are now the bride of Christ, let people see that light in you.”

I never knew that this series was one that would liberate even me when I got the idea but now, every time I get the mails of others on it, I glorify God again and again.

I am proud of you all who are choosing to obey God to release the past and let it stay dead. And I believe that our showing others God’s light in us makes God smile too.
Please continue to pray for everyone who shares their story here, that God will perfect what He has started in their lives… that their lights in Christ will continue to shine and that there will be no going back to the past sins that are dead and gone.
And I pray that for you who is reading this, every scar in your soul will be healed by God just like He healed me and every other person who is participating in this series.

Read Ene’s story below…


I can do this, after all God has forgiven me right? And I am not into it again.
It all started in SS1, I attended an all girls school.
I was supposed to be using my talent for God’s Glory but I was messing up and glorifying myself. People admired me, I mean almost all girls in my school then including my seniors.

The very first day I danced on stage, that was during first term SS1, many seniors started coming close. Some wrote me letters that they admired me. Then during night prep,they’ll come and carry me from my class and gist with me.
One was always giving me the eyes. She told me she loved me.
The devil tried to ruin my life using her. She planted the seed of LESBIANISM in me.
When she graduated, the seed germinated and I was living in its bondage for two years.
Then I graduated from Secondary school and started battling with masturbation because when that feeling of sex came on, I’ll lock myself up in the room and do it.
Even when God liberated me, I still had that feeling of wanting to do it.
But sometime ago someone said “If you really want to be free, you have to let God take ABSOLUTE control of your life.”
I lived with those words because I almost gave up.
It has not been easy at all but God has been there.
Each time I want to think about it, I’ll say to myself “Imagine how God will feel now”. And that’s it.
And the devil wanted me to still live in guilt but thank God, He used godly people to help me face the devil.


And please if there is anyone going through something similar, please open your heart and let Daddy do His job in your life.
You can never do it on your own I bet you.


Efe Kotor

Beautiful Efe..

Beautiful Efe..


Back in school, I failed God with the kind of life I lived.
I was and still is a chorister, but I never represented God like I ought to. I went clubbing, I wore clothes that revealed my cleavage, I kept friends I wasn’t suppose to have…
To some persons I was a good girl, but deep down I knew I had missed/lost it.
The worst part of it was that there was this voice on my inside always telling me that God understands, His grace is sufficient for me, and I kept struggling with doing his will and what my flesh wanted.

I was a virgin till I was 22 and I lost it within a twinkle of an eye, the treasure I had kept all these years was gone for the sake of pleasure. After that experience I hated myself for what I did, I began to ask my self questions:
Why did I do it?
Who pushed me?
What was I thinking?
And after all said and done, the answer to all my questions was staring me in the face; I and I alone was responsible for my actions, I did what I did because I didn’t see Sex before marriage as a big deal, in as much as you have one partner… but I was wrong, it was a sin against God and against oneself as recorded in the Bible.

I cried and cried, but my tears didn’t bring back my pride, I had lost it.
To make matters worse after the experience, I grew apart from my then boyfriend and as days rolled into weeks and months I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to shut the world away, I was guilty and felt too dirty and ashamed before God.
And just when I thought all hope was lost, God in His mercies gave me a second chance.

I met Pastor Vera Orobo, and that was the beginning of a new story.
I got to understand what Sex was really about!
I got to know sex is a beautiful experience created by God to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage and that Sex isn’t a bad thing neither is the desire for sex a sin, it only becomes a Sin when you indulge in pre-marital sex!
I studied the book of Corithians like I had never read it before, and I came to the knowledge of what God thinks and feel about Sexual Purity, the implications if I don’t stay pure for Him till marriage, and so many things I never knew about sex…
That it is more than skin to skin, and it is a Spiritual mystery as well as a physical fact!
And from that moment I decided never to have Sex till I am married, and I am sticking to my decision no matter the pressure cause I don’t mind waiting on God, and I know He will not put more on me than I can bear, and his Grace is readily available for me, to see me through this decision!
And so far God has been faithful!
I am forever grateful and thankful for a second chance.

Just a few days back I was studying the book of Genesis, and I realized that Adam and Eve lost their place in d Garden, because they shifted blames and didn’t own up to their mistake in remorse.
Then it struck me, what if I had died? What would have become of me? Indeed God is a God of a second chance, and I am forever grateful to Him for this opportunity to make amends for all my wrongs, and serve him better with my body and everything I have got.


I have decided to focus on more important things that will make me a better woman. And in the light of that, I just ended another relationship an hour ago even before it started because he cannot do without Sex.
I am letting it go because God is preparing me for the best!
And I have also made a decision to reach out to as many that care to listen on this issue of SEX.
I’ll spread the word!

I hope it inspires someone out there, who is considering Sex before marriage or is sexually active but don’t know how to stop.
Sexual Purity is a decision you must make and a fight you can’t afford to lose!
I must not be found guilty of sexual immorality, it’s an error!
You too can make that choice today.

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  • Reply
    September 7, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    It is always a blessing to know how God can totally transform someone’s life because they surrendered to Him. I too am a witness and I can’t thank God enough for picking me up, cleaning me up and now using me for His purpose and glory.
    I salute your courage ladies for sharing your testimonies.
    God is going to do amazing things through you!
    Well done Frances!

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      September 7, 2015 at 4:04 pm

      It is a blessing ma, that God picked us from the mess, and then made the one we are now way different, better and more glorious that the one in the past..two very different creatures even if the person seems the same. Amazing God! Amazing God!

      And amen and amen and amen!
      God is going to use these ladies mess as a message and when He ends his work, the world shall glorify Him with us..when they see these ladies lives, they will also see God’s awesomeness! Thanks ma.

  • Reply
    October 4, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    A very big hug to Efe! Thank you for sharing your story. A powerful testimony it is too. I’m really encouraged by the attitude that shines through your write up, that as God extends His mercies towards us, we must also actively play our part, by seeking to understand His word and His desires for us, cutting off sin before it has an opportunity to take root in our lives and so on. May God continue to grant you victory as you fight the good fight.

    Blessings to you and to Frances and to every single one of God’s children. 🙂

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      October 12, 2015 at 8:54 am

      I love what you picked out from this gracedmisfit…we also have a role to play otherwise the past can creep in unnoticed…
      Amen and amen to your prayers…

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