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Lessons Learnt From Traveling Five Nations In Year 2021

So what happens to me everytime God wants me to write a blog post has been happening to me. I carry the blog post title in my heart for days and then my heart starts beating plus I have that feeling in my throat when God is saying now.

This one is “somehow” because I just wanna sleep but let’s go.


It was in year 2013 I first of all heard my calling to the Nations. The Lord first spoke it to me while I was traveling. Saying I won’t die yet because I hadn’t gone to Spain to speak to the people He wants me to speak to there.

Then He spoke it to me again one night while I was listening and worshiping with Tasha Cobbs “break every chain” song. When it got to the part of the song where she said “there’s an army rising up” God started speaking to me that I was a part of that army and that He would take me to Nations and I had no idea the things and places He would use me to do for Him.

Then in year 2015 He had someone call me from the US After I released my first book.. she asked for my number after reading my blog just to say that day “Frances God is taking you to the Nations. God is taking you to the Nations”.

My pastor Nathaniel Bassey at the same also said same..then I finally started to believe it. It started entering into my consciousness.

I finally started to  believe actively for it and it didn’t happen for 3 years.. from year 2015 to 2017. Nothing. Yet God told me to get my international passport in year 2015. I was carrying around a passport I couldn’t use because nothing was happening save God expanding us across Nigeria. In retrospect now, God was promoting me little by little but I had heard the Nations so I thought that would be where we would start from..the lack of the fulfillment of this promise was a source of heartache between me and God.

Then all of a sudden end of year 2017 God started to speak to me that it was time and He was beginning with the Nation of Ghana.

Long story cut short the promise happened IN ONE DAY in January happened so fast it was crazy!!

We travelled Ghana twice that year..travelled another twice the next year.

In 2020 God said He was making a wider circle and bringing me in.

We travelled three Nations in LESS than a month! Again so quickly!!!!

Beginning of year 2021 I asked the Lord how many Nations He was giving us? He said I go wherever He tells me to go.

Turns out He gave us four nations this year traveling Cotonou twice same year – Benin Republic, Ghana, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

Two of those Nations had been hard to enter in previous years and happened this year..  like a dream!

What have I learned from this journey of God fulfilling my calling of going to the Nations?

1: IF He has said it then He would do it!!!

Gosh! This has an exclamation mark to it because if there is anything in my life that God has been so jealous about, it is this promise of taking me to the Nations. He initiated this promise. I didn’t. And He has been so committed to keeping it. Even when I don’t want to go. Because after October 2021 first Nations trips I didn’t think I could go anywhere till year 2022. God said to me “I am handing over more nations.”

This is a promise made by the Lord and single handedly fulfilled by Him. It baffles me sometimes how passionate God is about giving me the Nations.. it seems as though He bound Himself to it and is committed to making it come to pass come rain or high water. Satan has nothing on this.

It has been good to see that this is the way God deals with His promises over our lives. If He has said it, you best believe that He will do it! For His name’s sake. Singlehandedly by Him but faith is also required as we would see soon.

2: The Fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives do not take time!


I learnt this one from year 2018. After waiting for three years for a promise, God said it was TIME. immediately I believed Him it came to pass in a DAY! After a weekend I was off to Ghana in January 2018. Before January was over I was back in Nigeria. It happened so quickly it was crazy!!! I was even scared of going when push came to shove. A promise I had waited for three years happened in a day!!!


God is powerful and it takes Him no time to do what He says He would Do in our lives. Usually He is waiting for HIS RIGHT TIME. and a lot goes into His RIGHT TIME..The level of our preparation and tests we have passed..etc etc. Also He may also have a SET TIME for the matter.

3: It Takes Faith To Enter Into The Fulfilment of God’s promises for our lives.

This one point… in year 2020 God gave me the gift of faith.. I required It to be able to believe Him that I’d do three nations in less than a month! One Nations yes. But this kind of acceleration and divine speed?? I needed the Lord to work on my mind.

By end of the year three nations were done and December 31st 2021 I was on my way back to Nigeria crying in gratitude and wondering what kind of a God was this.

Ah ah!!@

But it took radical faith on my part. Knowing that this was the time for the fulfilment of the promise..God had spoken and I would not turn back!

4; It takes absolute trust in God:

Close on the heels of faith is trust in God.

Trust in God is what He taught me from Scripture:

“…; *and you shall know [with an acquaintance and understanding based on and grounded in personal experience] that I am the Lord; for they shall not be put to shame who wait for, look for, hope for, and expect Me.*
Isaiah 49:23 AMPC

Trust is a belief in who God says He is. That He won’t fail me. That He can’t fail me. Because contrary to what we think when God says its time for the fulfilment of the promise all things may not be in place at the time. God may be saying one thing and the situation is saying another. You would have to trust God is who He says He is and take the leap with your trust of God as your own bottom landing. And He says if you trust me like that,  you won’t be put to shame. I would come through for you. Our trust level in GOD must be revved up to enter into His promises for our lives. Meaning we have to KNOW THE LORD and know His character.

This video I did on trusting the Lord while on my mission trip to Cameroon..  going to the airport without full fare knowing it would be filled and God did fill it IMMEDIATELY I turned into the airport..  he didn’t let me be put to shame..

The video will help you.

Watch it here;

5; God thinks of all the little details:

It’s amazing all that comes In place when God says travel the Nations. We need God connections and divine connections in these places. I am a little girl from ughelli delta state Nigeria who apart from going going law school in 2013 had not been outside delta state. I know no one. Have no connections etc. And God says I am taking you to the Nations. Its beautiful to see how God had worked it out. Time would fail me to list and mention the different ways He has connected me with people in these countries who opened the doors of these nations to us..He calls them connection across nations.

A place to stay in these nations. Families to connect with…food to eat etc.

If God made you a promise you best believe down to the minute details is sorted.

6; The covenant of HELP is a real thing!

In Year 2017 after a 40 days fast I saw myself pregnant in a vision. Slid over to pray and God said at the end of intercession that “I will help you”

I saw this help even just a few days ago In Benin Republic where a man was carrying my bags and saying I don’t even know why I was doing that and following you all around because he walked with me to find a place to eat etc etc. In a strange land and this happens every where I go. I couldn’t help but remember God’s word to me. I WILL HELP YOU. This covenant of help compels strangers to help me everywhere I go. I mean I have help everywhere I go.

In this walk of destiny, ensure you have covenants from God to back up what He has said. God ties Himself to covenants. He doesn’t forget them. Get that for yourself. Your own Ebenezer moment between you and your God. It keeps us going in the path of destiny.

7: I learnt obedience through these trips like never before:

“Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”
Hebrews 12:1‭-‬2 NKJV

My first series of trips was so hard with having to trust God for finances every step of the way along with one barrier or the other. Even at the end of the trip I had issues. I felt stretched and stressed. I asked the Lord and He said “endure your own cross like the Lord Jesus did”. I felt so much like God tested my obedience A LOT this year.

I didnt want to travel again in December yet He said I was going. Would I retreat or surrender?

By His grace and help alone I said I will go. Even though it may be hard . I will never say no to your will for my life. You can trust me to deliver on an assignment.

I believe that God is looking for more men and women like this in this season.. obedient sons who have learnt obedience through suffering and the father can trust them to do His bidding.

8: I learnt the love of my Father and God is with me every step of the way:

God showed me angels – secret service angels clearing the road of demons before my first trip In October and said:

“Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants) sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?”
-Hebrews 1:14 AMPC

I woke up and said oh my God!

The angels were plenty!

I said this is what I have accompanying me? I grew bold.. courageous and fearless. I have heavenly armies going to these nations with me!!!

Angels of protection  and help and support and provision also because literally money would come as we went.

Oh my!

When the Lord sends you on a mission or vision He backs you up!!!

He has angels following you.

He may not open your eyes to see them always but they are there.

Christ has won and we have the victory!

Your God is with you so rise up and do valiant things He calls you to do!

9: Money Is  a Kingdom Resource:
Everytime I go on mission trips I get pruned and know in a deeper way that money is needed to advance the gospel of Christ and that this is the reason why God prospers us. So we can advance His gospel.

For those in the trenches of the work like me it takes money to arrange flight tickets, organise meetings, take teams along, print books. Etc.

And when we move on to crusades etc. It takes money to reach the harvest for the Lord Jesus Christ! Period.

This is why we prosper.
So we can fund and sponsor the kingdom work.

I want my BUSINESS BEAUTIFUL FEET PUBLISHING to sponsor whole mission trips along with printing of books for the work of the gospel that we do. I want to support Others doing the work of the gospel. This is why I want to make money and I pray God purifies all our hearts to know this truth and think like this in Jesus name amen.


On this note I would love to stop and say THANK YOU for all your love and help and support and favour through this year 2021.

As I mentioned before I am a little girl from Ughelli Delta State who the Lord decided to take and use for His glory and it started from this blog. Staying faithful to write what He told me to write on here and now we have  a full Ministries and books and others. And nations…???!!!


God has been good to us.

I know not everyone here from the beginning are here now but I’ve been so blessed by the gift of men.

God is soo good to us!!

So good to us!!!

Thank you for loving and caring and obeying God on our behalf.

I’d see us all in year 2022 and my prayer for us all is more fulfilled promises of God in our lives in Jesus name amen!

That you’d get to the point where you know God’s will and He in turn pursues that will for you. You would know that this is God doing this in my life because He purposed to do it and is doing it and your heart shall be glad.

Lots of love,
Hephzibah Frances,
God’s Delight

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Writing fiction led by God is soo amazing.

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