Lessons From Our Time With Ladies At Benin

So  today makes it two weeks since our time with the ladies at Benin.

Yes on Saturday June 4th 2017 we were at Benin with ladies for “all things courtship and prayers for your future husband”.

We had two couples with us:

Barr and Barr Mrs Kelvin and Eva Egharevba

And Barr and Barr Mrs Godspower and Misan Omokwe.

God showed Himself mightily. I especially love how He used the couples to share His truth.

This couple who were with us yesterday spoke the truth like God’s truth!
Barr and Barr Mrs Godspower and Misan Omokwe. They both drove down from Port-harcourt to be with us at the call from a girl she couldn’t really place where she met her from.
I met Barr Misan in 2015 at a sister’s conference where she had me almost jumping from my seat with just wisdom! She came to heart for Benin and I was blown away that she and her husband were with us.
This couple shared their story with us.. and the one thing I can’t get over was how they both held hands and prayed that if they ever indulge in premarital sex.. then may they never have children!
God. What a covenant of purity arising from a heart willing to please God and obey Him.
To you who keeps falling and making excuses.. and it’s not a matter of addiction know it’s not addiction.. you just love him/her too much to not allow him/her touch you…okay.
What does pleasing God with purity mean to you.?
How much does starting your marriage in an undefiled bed matter to you?
I made a decision to not kiss before marriage to honour God and seeing what I saw yesterday I was again fired up. Here are real life examples. By God’s grace I and my future hubby can stay chaste till marriage. We will.
I hope you decide to by God’s help do so too…

He thrashed issues of courtship or dating through them and purity in courtship..


Barr Kelvin and his wife shared on how from the start they went to God as to whether they were meant for each other before they started anything. The Omokwe’s were the same too.

We had questions on how to hear from God about the spouse we are to marry and the couples each shared on how we should cultivate a relationship with God right now even before we get to the point of asking for  a spouse.

When asked the question of how would I know he/she is the one Barr Misan said “if you have been fellowshipping with God before then. .. hearing the Holy Spirit speak to you.. getting directions from Him. . It won’t be much different from your friend just showing you who you are meant to be with”.. And I thought this was so deep because some Christians complain that they don’t hear God.
And sometimes glide through life doing their own thing and never factoring God’s voice in till they have to make a decision about marriage.
No..John 10 says my sheep hears my voice and the voice of a stranger they shall not hear.
Dig into the word of God. Hear His voice in His truth.. the more you familiarise yourself with His word the more His voice becomes real to you. ..


God took His time to really send us His people who had walked the path we were inquiring about and confirmed that yes, we can do our relationships and marriages God’s way and not the world’s way.

The couples both prayed for us all and I believe seeds were sown deep into every life that came.

Barr  Misan also told me that God will give me another book on preparation for single ladies and prayers while we wait. She referenced Proverbs 31 and how that scripture has been a word she lives by..


And then Barr Misan said “Frances you will write another book.. God will give you another book.. this time for prayers for the single ladies while they wait…” She said she purposed in her heart she will do her husband good when she met him. She used to confess Prov 31 and inscribed it on her heart.. so much so people used to know her by that scripture.
Because we can long for our husband and pray for him so much we forget ourselves and when he comes he is so amazing and we are so terrible.
This was profound to me because i have been camping out on Prov 31 recently and have had such a desire to be God’s own kind of woman.
Who are you becoming dear sister?
Your own kind of woman. . Society’s kind of woman or God’s own kind of woman.
We don’t need to be self-made.. we need to be God made.Made into women who bless lives and salt the earth and our families for Jesus! Amen


And then we wrapped up by prayers only the Spirit could breathe. It was intense. I was surprised by how the Spirit worked. He is raising an army of His daughters and we were simply blessed to surrender to His will and work in and through us.


I who didn’t know anyone at Benin was so grateful to God. What is a girl with my story doing at another state ministering to His daughters? Only God can do things like this.

I feel the need to publicly praise God tonight. I just got into Benin.. was speaking to the Pastor we will be having the programme in conjunction with and as he said some things about the vision.. I was suddenly struck by what God has done for me.
What am I doing in Benin? To speak and fellowship with ladies about God? Me? The girl who was that girl before?
Tonight I don’t want to think about “where is the vision you promised me Lord. . The great things.. I’m waiting..” I simply want to say thank you Lord. That I’m where I am right now is only by your mercies. That I know you is by your grace. Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!!


And how He raised helpers.My sister, sister Tina, Uyi, Pastor Marvellous and all the members at Christ Crusaders ministries Benin..I am so thankful for you all.

People ask me Frances how do you do the programes you do. I say God and it’s not cliché.
So I hear a name in my heart and in this case Benin.. I reach a sister I was at Uni with and haven’t seen in years about it. She reaches her brother who has never met me and they open their church to me and host the programme in it. Then his fiance takes it upon herself to take charge of everything and all this time I have never met them!
And funds.. suddenly someone sends a blessing my way on Sunday when the programme is the next Saturday. right on time.
So is it me who does it all? No. He says go. I step out and show up and He takes care of the rest.

My beautiful sister..the one who took it upon herself to organise our last NGo @ayscnigeria programme at Asaba.
My book agent in Asaba.
The one who comes to Benin from Asaba for her sister’s deal.. and the one who is a taskmaster with “what are you bringing for me” as her normal phrase when she hears you are coming somewhere and you will meet. . Haha

Benin was a glorious time in God’s presence and we hope to be back again raising His own for Him.

In the words of Goodness a sister with us:

I gained a lot, one that God is my first husband.keeping myself holy and pure for his divine leading in marriage.. to having a personal relationship with him, talking to Him about everything… to the difference between false and true courtship… to the importance of being filled with the holy spirit… Lastly, to prayers as the true foundation for a greater marriage.


I am thankful to God as we gear up for Lagos this Saturday June 24th 2017.

I sincerely think that children from divorced/troubled homes shouldn’t rush into marriage/relationships before they have allowed God wipe off some of the scars from their hearts and renew their minds towards marriage/relationships.. but sadly they are the ones who enter into relationships the most.. you know the thing about looking for love in the wrong places to fill up your empty heart.
I did it too.
Unfortunately when people grow up in homes where marriage God’s way isn’t exemplified, they tend to either go all out in sexual relationships trying to fill voids or hate marriage all together.. none of which is God’s plan for their lives.
Marriage is good. It is a good thing when done God’s way but the ability to say and believe that simple statement sometimes only comes after some breaking and pruning from God.
I was only able to believe that in 2014 and it was only because of God’s mercy.
Sometimes the biggest testimonies He has done for us has been our renewed hearts.
This Saturday June 24th 2017 join the women at the well as she digs in and learns on love, relationship and marriage God’s way.
We know God will address hearts that day. We know souls will be healed. We know hearts will be turned back to our Lord Jesus. And if by any chance you are currently heart-broken and don’t want to hear anything about love.. please don’t listen to satan. . Come anyway..more than all that we will be doing..we will be bringing hearts back to drinking from the only one who is love Himself. The creator of marriage and relationships.
Saturday June 24th 2017. Join us. Details in flyer above.
Open to both men and women.
Feel free to start sharing the news. ***
From now till our meet I will be sharing on some aspects on love and relationships and marriage that God has wrought His healing hands in my life and some of them happened through programmes like what TWTW will be having next weekend.
Get ready to also meet our invited couples
Stay tuned


This meet in Lagos is for both men and women and you don’t want to miss it. It is free and all you have to do is show up.

Theme: Bring me back to Loving you

Date: Saturday June 24th 2017

Venue: The Oasis, 3 Keystone bank Crescent off adeyemo alakija street Lagos

Time: 11am

Follow us on social media on Instagram and Facebook as we reveal details of the day.


And you can watch below for video clips from our time at Benin.


All this girl is is grateful!

Just because the Spirit took over soooo amazingly at Benin today..
And I am radiating with the joy of being a vessel for the Lord.. with the joy of reaching lives and souls for Him.. like God! The privilege to partner with you. JESUS THANK YOU! HOLY SPIRIT THANK YOU!
I never knew.. Yesterday Pastor Marvellous said today will be great and you said you will surprise us and you did.. gosh God!! Thank you!
This year.. still to reaping souls for your kingdom.. amen!! Aunty Salt see my salt shop dress
Thank you ma..


Lots of love,




P:S if you need my new book “Prayers for your future husband” feel free to mail me at

My Story (Why I Wrote Prayers For Your Future Husband) Part 10 and final part!! So today as I was about going out, I found myself asking God to open my eyes to see His vision for “Prayers for your future husband”. Now it is amazing when I get messages requesting for copies with corresponding alerts but in my heart I know that there is a bigger plan for “Prayers for your future husband”. What do I see?
I see women being raised to dig into the power of prayer including praying in the Spirit when they don’t know what to pray for… I see women surrendering their love lives to God asking Him to take control of who they date and don’t date.. I see women deciding to offer up their bodies in purity to God.. I see women deciding to dig deeper into God as their first husband before any other physical man – committing to a having a satisfying relationship with Jesus.. I see women returning to God as the source of their lives – content to wait on Him as He writes their love story and as He does so.. they pray knowing that prayers are never wasted.
I see women like me who haven’t had great physical home examples of marriage rewriting their stories with prayer.
I see marriage God’s way spread forth through this book. **
It’s crazy that God chose me to birth this; you have read my background – I don’t qualify humanly speaking not from physical family and not from my past but God is rewriting my marital story. And in the process using me for others too.
I prayed one prayer in 2012: Lord take my marital life, I dedicate it to you. I will not enter into any relationship with anyone that you don’t say yes to. For now, help me to be content with you and teach me your ways concerning relationships and marriage.
Its my prayer that everyone who encounters this book prays that prayer too in Jesus name amen. ***
The first programme where I hope the vision for the book comes to fruition happens in Benin this weekend!!
Tell a sister you know in Benin to join us!
&if you need a copy of “Prayers for your future husband” feel free to Dm or mail
Thanks for sticking with my story.
What did you learn?
Missed some parts? Just check previous posts

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