Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 4

So I woke up to news that Linda Ikeji featured the 100k Diamond Bank win and I am just wondering how she gets her news…lol

Or oh ofcourse, it’s a good way for Diamond Bank to get more customers. Hehe. Anyways see it here-


Whoop whoop!

Last lessons in this series is here and I am so happy… it wasn’t easy to stick to what I wanted to do and post every day at all at all. lol

If you missed any of the posts though, here they are…

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And the 4th lessons is just going to be a mish mash of smaller lessons in the Isaac and Rebecca love story in Genesis 24

1: I’ve seen men I just met just wanting to jump into an immediate relationship with me.

They start with the entire take her out thing, calls, texts, I love you(s)-forming a bond with the woman when they are not even sure that she’s the one for them.

Sooner than later something happens and someone starts crying “he/she broke my heart”

Wrong start.

Genesis 24:21- the servant watched Rebecca in silence, deciding whether she is the one or not.

Don’t rush things. Ladies are easily swayed by your show of care, we are easily emotionally attached so don’t start what you aren’t sure of as you would be causing harm at the end of it all.

Real Christian men who know what they are doing take time out in prayer-watching and waiting before making a sure move.

Relationship isn’t moi moi to these men; they want to do things right and not waste time rigmarolling around.

Be that kind of man.

2: When the servant got the confirmation that Rebecca was the one, he didn’t take her to Isaac as a wife on credit…

He told her to take him to her father and even before eating, he told Laban that he must tell him the reason why he came-that he wants to marry Rebecca for his master’s son.

There are two lessons here-

(1)    It’s important we know that a man that’s sure about you doesn’t waste your time while stringing you along for 10years plus. I know there are people that somehow or the other dated for a long time before marriage and they have their reasons, but I am talking about where there really isn’t anything holding him back, not money, not school, not finding a job, not waiting for her to finish school (or any reason there maybe for making a courtship draw on). When there isn’t anything holding him back and he is still dragging his feet, check it. If he really wants you, he will make things right with your father to get you and eagerly too.

(2)    The father didn’t take Rebecca to sleep with Isaac after seeing her. He didn’t tell her that he wants to test “the goods” first. He asked for her hand from her father in marriage…

Ladies, don’t give “it” out for free. We are not cars to be test driven… if he wants the holy of holies, he will do what’s right to get it which is ONLY in marriage. Don’t sell yourself cheap, PLEASE.


3: The servant saw Rebecca COMING OUT of the house with a jug on her shoulder.

Two lessons here too…

i:He didn’t see her inside her house, he saw her COMING OUT… for the women who claim to be home bodies; I am one too, I like nothing more than snuggling on my bed in my pyjamas in front of the television… but guess what? even as a homebody, you’ve got to go out too….

And not just to fetch water(lol), go to seminars, go to the cinema, go see plays, go out with your girls…GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS be it fetching water or not, just don’t sit in the house and stew.

As you go out your business while you wait, the man will find you… It’s for Him to find remember?

ii: Rebecca was doing chores, household chores.

Now I am speaking to myself too just like with all the other lessons above.

There are some chores I enjoy and some I absolutely don’t like but it’s important that we keep grooming ourselves in these. We are women and we’ll DEFINITELY need these home keeping skills and singlehood is a good time to sharpen them.

4: The power of God in all these.

Of course we already know this but it still amazes me- Abraham was so certain that God will find a wife for Isaac. Even when the servant was jittery, Abraham said the Lord took me from my fatherland and promised to give this land to my descendants, He will surely send His angels ahead of you and see to it that you find a wife there for my son” (Genesis 24: 7 paraphrased)

He wasn’t scared, he was so sure that God will help.

Ditto the servant who prayed to God.

Ditto also Laban who after hearing the servant’s story, just knew that the Lord had obviously led the servant to him and resigned himself to God’s will.

These people were all children of God who believed in God without reserve and was ready to do His will when he spoke.

The servant didn’t argue that Rebecca wasn’t sexy enough; he didn’t argue that she wasn’t what he wanted… He followed through on what God wanted, which is always the best.

The place of following God’s will for us in our marital life cannot be overemphasized. I am not married yet but I keep praying that God leads me in this area (as well as other areas) of my life every day.

Let God take the wheel.

He is the creator of the institution of marriage.

Yield it all to him and let Him drive.

His will is always perfect.


Finally, even after Laban heard what the servant had to say and believed that God was in it, he still called Rebecca to ask her what she thought about it all.

God will reveal His will to us but He would never force us.

If God says no, this isn’t the man/woman, the one I’ve prepared for you is still yet to come… will you wait?

If God says this is Him/her, will you agree?

It is always the bestest thing to do to choose to follow God’s will, but it’s not always easy because our human mind already have a list of the kind of person we want.

If we do though, I am certain like Abraham that God’s will is never sub-standard; we will definitely know later on that it is the best for us.

But God won’t force us to do His will.

The choice always remains with us.

Chose wisely.

Chose to do God’s will concerning you martially-you won’t regret it.

May He equip you (us) with all you (we) need for doing His will…Amen. (Hebrews 13:21)



PS: I found myself wondering about the name of Abraham’s servant as I wrote. I would love to know him and hear this whole matter from his lips

You can also read Genesis 24 and fish out any lesson I missed.

For me, it’s almost always a new lesson anytime I read. You can share some you saw with me too.


And that’s it, it’s a wrap!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

I should say more than thank you for reading and all through these past days but for lack of a better word, I say thank you dears!

Enjoy your weekend!

And oh, coincidentally, my church is running a relationship weekend with Pastor Ezekiel Atang and Nathaniel Bassey ministering.

Hehe, jealous me small. Lol

Have a blast all.



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    April 26, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Meeen! I’m a serious homebody. If no be say we meet for choir, bobos for no see me O! Too many novels to read, na! Socializing ni, going out ko, lol. Lord have mercy on my fellow siddon house ladies.

  • Reply
    April 28, 2014 at 4:27 am

    Even God, the master orchestrator, will not force your bedroom door open for your Isaac to find you. Good lesson here, Frances. And I’m still waiting for my tithe! Lol 😛

    • Reply
      May 1, 2014 at 2:07 am

      hhehhe, true true..God wont break down the door..

      and as for the tithe,,,
      Maggie eh, una plenty wey ask for am, I just had to gove it to the undisputed owner,lol
      maybe the next one wey go come soonest so go be for u.hhhehhe

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    April 28, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Great lessons here. I’m such a homegirl, but I totally agree with you, DR N and Maggielola. A few things I learned, God sent Eleazar all the way but Rebecca had to be about her business for Eleazar too meet her. Imagine if she was just too lazy to go. God does not support slothfulness and He will not give his son to a slothful woman too.. Being out doing your business is great, doing it at the right time is important and having the heart to help others along the way is important too. She temporarily let go off her own agenda to assist Eleazar water his camels.

    God often provides us opportunities to bless others as we pursue purpose, we must identify those opportunities and bless them even when it results in a delay for us or turns out to be stuff we didn’t expect. Another lesson is not to be too rigid that a moment of spontaneity lost costs us a destiny changing event. She could have been so focused (I have to be back home in XYZ minutes and I don’t do things outside of my plans, you have to call ahead, don’t you know i’m a busy woman). Not Rebekah. Makes me wonder how many times I may have missed an opportunity to spontaneously respond to another and chosen instead to walk according to ‘plan’. That’s what we learn al the time, the power of focus, but we must never be so organised and focused that we do not recognise God’s desire to disorganise us for good.

    Like Rebekah showed, some spontaneity is great. Do some unplanned things when the opportunities come up. Be open to ‘change’ and inconvenience for the benefit of others.
    God bless you Frances. 🙂

    • Reply
      May 1, 2014 at 1:47 am

      :God’s desire to disorganise us for good”
      nodding my head at it all.
      thank you Eloho, this opened my eyes to a lot too. thank you for sharing.
      woah! when the Holy Spirit reveals the word to us, a passage becomes more than that..

  • Reply
    May 2, 2014 at 9:55 am

    How come am just seeing this?..oh well, I am a serious homebody oh..choi asin very bad type *covers face*…I feel like why do I need to go out when I have phone, internet, electricity, good books etc..:( …God help me

    Great lessons right here, can’t be overemphasized

    • Reply
      May 2, 2014 at 10:23 pm

      The homebody thingy ehn,its not just you..
      And i’ve been thinking Rebecca’s going out to get water doesn’t just signify chores or going out of the house but also being on an assignment-a mission-on a purposeful walk..and even for us to do that too, we can’t stay cooped up at home..
      Thanks for reading and taking time out to drop a comment.*smiles

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    1 + The One
    May 8, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Great series.. nice one Frances! xx

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