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Lessons For Those Sent To The Nations; God – The Divine Connector

I woke up this morning just being really thankful to God for some destiny connections He has led and made my way. Specifically I was thankful for a friend and sister named Jeremie Van-Garshong.

The story of how we met is a story that only God can craft.

I met Jeremie through Ruth. And I met Ruth through Nsor Sabasi.

I met Sabasi in the year 2018 when I went to Ghana and became stranded for a place to stay. That year’s ministry trip was hard. I had traveled once before in January 2018 and that was a pleasant trip with lots of provision but very hard spiritual warfare and this June/July 2018 trip was no different. It was hard with a lot of spiritual warfare too but also along with very many blessings. I had lots of love-tests to also pass. It was a drilling time for me in lots of different ways.

In the midst of all that was happening to me – I fell ill, I had a vision of some spiritual warfare hovering over the lives of those I had been sent to minister to, I had accommodation issues and felt led by scripture to leave where I had thought I would stay. It was at this exact moment, a sister linked me with Sabasi who agreed to take me in for the almost more than one week I stayed at Nsawam Ghana.

Sabasi and his family, gave me – this stranger a place to stay, fed me for the duration of my stay there and were always at my beck and call asking if I needed anything etc. etc. It was hospitality that was too much for me coming from the place where I was, where I cried to God that I couldn’t stay anymore. It wasn’t that person’s fault; I have just learnt that as a minister of God, it is not every house we stay at when we go for ministry. Sabasi and his family was God sent to me and you will see this even more as I go on.

Almost a year later I knew I had to go to Ghana for ministry again so I reached out to Sabasi asking if he knew anyone, a ministry or someone who could open the door for us to reach women. What was laid on my heart was to have a PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND MEETING there.

I was at Ghana for Prophet Sadhu’s conference with WORD ON THE STREETS in April 2019 but the meeting for women was meant to hold in May 2019.

I took a retreat in March/April 2019 (THE JESUS FAST with Lou Engle) and while there, my Ghana trip was part of the things I laid before God in prayer. I prayed for divine destiny connectors. Divine helpers, etc.

It was at this period of the retreat God told me not to pray anymore, that it was done.

Sabasi (from the previous year) linked me with Ruth and Ruth linked me with Jeremie who has a women ministry NOT EASILY BROKEN. From there, Jeremie who is also a media personality featured me on her radio show there at Accra Ghana also – still on my trip in June 2019.

The way everything happened at this ministry trip was the best ministry trip I had ever seen and been on in my life so far.

The raw tangible power of God at our meetings, the revival that broke out at the schools we went to, The Ruth God opened my eyes to see He sent me a s friend and helper, the ladies I met, the doors He opened. Everything was a blessing to me!

I can also very likely tell you some things that happened in the background for these to come to pass (so you do not just get carried away by the results).

These were powered by fastings and prayers and I was at a time when I was experiencing a powerful revival and anointing of the Holy Spirit in my life. Indeed more can happen with the Holy Spirit than can happen in our own time and strength.

Today, I found myself going down memory lane and thanking God. Seeing how He connected the dots from even a year before I didn’t know I would need the help a year later. Of course, It’s PRO-vision right?

I am looking back and looking ahead today because God has been so good and I see His hand.

He is able to do IN ONE DAY what hasn’t been done in years by His Spirit.

He has sons and daughters everywhere willing to open the doors God has told them to open for us.

And oh, one of the things I didn’t say is how Jeremie got my book PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND and was so shocked because God had been doing THE SAME THING with telling her to pray for her future husband for years! I was amazed!

In fact, when we sat down to share and I shared my family journey etc. we found out we had eerie similarities in how God had walked through our journeys with us so far.

Watch an interview with a woman who was restored to her home after divorce for 12 years:

What does that tell you?

THAT GOD HAS SONS AND DAUGHTERS everywhere, with whom He is drawing lines of similarities with and in the things He has called them to do.

I remember this story, grateful for the past and also in acknowledgement of all God can do in the Now.

Because there are more Nations to go to; more places to reach for the Lord Jesus Christ and If He did it before, He will do it again.


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So it started from #prayersforyourfuturehusband challenge where on of those nights I suddenly knew broken down in #wisdom HOW TO PROCESS YOUR PROMISES to come to pass and what steps were involved in it. God dispensed it into wisdom for #marriage and #MaritalDestinies and #prophecies

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Lots of love,

Till Next Time,

Hephzibah Frances

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