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Join AYSCNIGERIA Purity Walk This Valentine (Volunteers Needed)

Hi everyone,
My name is Frances Okoro
I am a Lawyer, author, Christian blogger and Social Entrepreneur.
I am the founder of Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ Initiative (AYSCNIGERIA) an NGO that is focused on three main areas:
Purpose, Purity and Growth.
This Valentine, we want to sensitize young girls on the need to abstain from sex and all attendant sexual vices till marriage.
Contrary to the literal meaning of “walk”, we aim for the “purity walk” to be a way of life.
To this end, what “walk” means here is that we are committing to speak to girls this valentine on “purity”.
We are aiming for as much as a 100 girls to sign the purity cards on Valentine’s day, from across different schools in Nigeria.
We all know that teenage pregnancy is rampant in today’s society.
We want to not just encourage the young girls to stay pure but teach them WHY THEY SHOULD STAY PURE.
Volunteers are needed for this work.
Simply be willing to speak at a school to girls  at a Secondary School on sexual purity.
If you are wondering about what to say, we would send you the document with the basis for our word on purity.
After your talk to the girls, call for those who will like to decide to stay pure and glorify God with their bodies to sign the purity cards with you. Then take the numbers of those who are willing to be mentored to be added to our NGO online group.
Pictures should also be shared afterwards with tags to either Frances Okoro or Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ Initiative
I personally will be reaching out to two schools in this season.
I am hoping we can – with your help – get to lots of Secondary schools around our nation Nigeria (and even for those outside Nigeria who would love to be a part of this).
If you would love to volunteer for this, please email
Your document for the talk will be sent to you, along with the purity cards needed for your talk.
With you, we can reach and raise young girls to be better…
To safe guard both their bodies and their destinies.
To be raised to be amazing young women in their generation.,
With you, we can.

Again, the mail to volunteer is
Thank you!
If you would love to sponsor us in this, you can also mail awakeningyouthfulseeds@gmailcom
You can either do a direct transfer or when you buy our “purity walk shirts”, the proceeds go to our NGO work.
I look forward to reaching young girls in this season for Christ with your help.
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    April 17, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Hello, so happy/sad I’m reading this.
    Sad that I’m just seeing this post and happy that young girls are be sensitised on essence of PURITY, God bless you.
    Would love to be a part of the family.

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