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Hi hello!

My name is Hephzibah Frances (used to go by the name “Frances Okoro” (Okoro which is my surname) but God renamed me and so here I am as “Hephzibah Frances” (Okoro is still my surname till I get married but just Hephzibah Frances sounded more right and that’s what we using for now ?

If you are thinking “how does God rename someone? Did He appear to you… zzzz… then you should subscribe to my newsletter, that’s where my back-end stories of my life and journeys go.

The last time I wrote “actively” on this blog was the year 2015/2016. Since then I have been a bit lax/lazy and carried away with other things, so if you currently do not follow me on Instagram (@HephzibahFrances) then there is a lot you don’t know. I plan to be consistent and FAITHFUL here on the blog again so FIRST OF ALL…. 


Hephzibah Frances is the name and I am now a Pastor. So you can call me Pastor Hephzibah Frances. I was ordained in January 2019 and it’s been a long journey here (if Tope Banks is still a blog reader here, remember when you used to say this and I would say “Pastor Hian???! Well you were prophetically spot on!)

I lead a women ministry at “The Women At The Well” – a ministry for bringing women to JESUS CHRIST based on John Chapter 4. We travel to different cities and nations, we teach Bible studies and lead prayers. We organize conferences and crusades to meet the “one woman” God wants us to introduce Jesus to. Find out more about us at

I am the founder of a Faith-Based Organization – “Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ Initiative” -AYSCAFRICA.

We are an organization focused on raising teenage girls and youths to walk in purpose, purity and mentor them unto GROWTH. 

We are available to travel and have reached out in Nigeria and Ghana so far.

You can find out more about us at 

I also lead another women ministry – THE DEBORAH GENERATION. For raising Warrior women in today’s world. Find out more about us at


I recently opened my mentoring Academy – Hephzibah’s Mentoring Academy for raising the young generation to BE like Jesus. My aim as given by God is to impart my love and heart for Christ – sold out and going anywhere and doing anything for the love of Jesus in young people. Follow my Instagram page @HephzibahFrances to see details to application.

I run a Kingdom Business – Beautiful Feet Publishing- a business for helping aspiring authors with resources meant to help them birth their books to life. You can see not about us at www.

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    July 19, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    God bless you Frances! Your life continues to be a blessing and an inspiration to many.?

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