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My name is Hephzibah Frances (used to go by the name “Frances Okoro” (Okoro which is my surname) but God renamed me and so here I am as “Hephzibah Frances” (Okoro is still my surname till I get married but just Hephzibah Frances sounded more right and that’s what we using for now ?

If you are thinking “how does God rename someone? Did He appear to you… zzzz… then you should subscribe to my newsletter, that’s where my back-end stories of my life and journeys go.

The last time I wrote “actively” on this blog was the year 2015/2016. Since then I have been a bit lax/lazy and carried away with other things, so if you currently do not follow me on Instagram (@HephzibahFrances) then there is a lot you don’t know. I plan to be consistent and FAITHFUL here on the blog again so FIRST OF ALL…. 




Hephzibah Frances is the name and I am now a Pastor. So you can call me Pastor Hephzibah Frances. I was ordained in January 2019 and it’s been a long journey here (if Tope Banks is still a blog reader here, remember when you used to say this and I would say “Pastor Hian???! Well you were prophetically spot on!)


My profession is Law. I am a Lawyer. Called to the Nigerian Bar in November 2014 (see  (wow!!! It’s been five years plus?!!)


I lead a women ministry at “The Women At The Well” – a ministry for bringing women to JESUS CHRIST based on John Chapter 4. We travel to different cities and nations, we teach Bible studies and lead prayers. We organize conferences and crusades to meet the “one woman” God wants us to introduce Jesus to.

You remember this ministry started from sending an email on this blog eh? GOD IS GOOD

Find out more about us at


I am the founder of a Faith-Based Organization – “Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ Initiative” -AYSCAFRICA.

We are an organization focused on raising teenage girls and youths to walk in purpose, purity and mentor them unto GROWTH. 

We are available to travel and have reached out in Nigeria and Ghana so far.

You can find out more about us at 


I also lead another women ministry – THE DEBORAH GENERATION. For raising Warrior women in today’s world. Find out more about us at


I recently opened my mentoring Academy – Hephzibah’s Mentoring Academy for raising the young generation to BE like Jesus. My aim as given by God is to impart my love and heart for Christ – sold out and going anywhere and doing anything for the love of Jesus in young people. Follow my Instagram page @HephzibahFrances to see details for  application.



I run a Kingdom Business – Beautiful Feet Publishing- a business for helping aspiring authors with resources meant to help them birth their books to life. You can see not about us at

We are Kingdom because we understand wealth as a tool for bringing Jesus His inheritance and to do His work upon the earth. A percentage of our profit goes for supporting ministries and Christian works/social works.

I am also an author with more than eight books right now and also a speaker at speaking engagements God opens to me.


So now unto personal details. I AM NOT MY WORKS EHN ??

Just showing you pictures of what I look like basically RIGHT NOW… just a slight ideas sha

Full Names: Hephzibah Frances Oghenerukevwe Okoro

Age: 26.

I started writing on this blog when I was 21 so I have grown A LOT! 

I started writing this blog knowing nothing and having no expressions but writing but see how God has taken it all and spun WORKS – my purpose out of it; IT ALL STARTED HERE!


Origin: I am from Igbide, Isoko South, Delta State (NO, I’m not Igbo ?


Family: I’m from a family of five children; I’m the second and first girl.


What I like: 

Ice-cream – chocolate ice-cream and something like a chocolate bar again. When stressed I can take this and just relax. I’m a low budget girl ?


What I don’t Like:

I don’t have a love for movies anymore: deliverance issues from all that plenty demon of lust, I do watch Mount Zion and CLEAN CHRISTIAN MOVIES though (boring I know? But it isn’t to me. Protecting my eye gates ALL THE WAY)


What I like:

Traveling and sightseeing! I’m still this girl at heart! Remember my 12 trip challenge from 2015? Now I travel for ministry but I still love to see NEW PLACES! God took this passion turned it for His work so thankfully I don’t get tired when I do road trips but we still pray for sponsorship for air fares though! Amen? Amen!


What I don’t like:

I still don’t like phone calls like that. I like to say “I’m saving my mouth”. Lol. Seriously. Just send me a txt message, but since we expecting BREAKTHROUGH CALLS, I try not to say I don’t like calls anymore so my mouth doesn’t throw away my breakthrough anymore ?


What I like:

Words and text messages! Who is my husband?? He will get this A LOT! I express myself in words more of text than talk. I get tongue tied most times when my emotions get in a tangle.


What I don’t like:

I don’t really like getting in touch with “feelings!!!”

Some of my friends would say “Frances is getting mushy since when?? – when they see me say I love you etc. it’s a classic choleric thing. I MOVE! Lol. Waiting for the man who will open the floodgates of heaven in me on this ??


Marital Status: I am not married… yet. And I’m at a stage where I want it but have surrendered it afresh to God. I have PLENTYYY work to do. God would literally have to tap me to SEE the man.


Finally; I currently live in Lagos BUT traveling for ministry takes me out MOST TIMES sometimes as much as three weeks in a month for very FRUITFUL MINISTRY times. 


Errhhhh what else?

I looove to laugh! 

My easy days include remembering one time when I and my sister were laughing at a scene in a movie, the laughter couldn’t stop so we paused the movie and laughed and laughed for maybe 30 minutes straight! No kidding!

I loooove my family and right now even our family whatsapp group is my safe place. I currently dream of “escaping home” to Delta State just for maybe a week; no work, just to be pampered and eat food. No “mummy sending me messages too ??I wish. But you get the drift… I really miss my home and family and just times of laughter and doing nothing. Recently I have felt the weight of “adulting” and running with visions. I think I need a relaxing time in my life. A date outside of my regular life But Still in this time I am busy and have looots of things to do.

I think about the easy days of having nothing BUT the blog; indeed the reward for faithfulness is MORE WORK. Now I lead a ministry, run a business, do prayer calls,organize seminars and conferences, write books, plan book launches, counsel people, have people calling me “ma”… BUT at the very centre I am just Frances; a girl who loves God and runs a blog because she felt impressed to do so -write a blog I mean. I am still that girl who goes when impressed by the Voice-of the Holy Spirit inside of her to go…

I still want ice-cream and I still laugh like crazy in my safe places.

Everyone…. this is me. STILL ME. I won’t lie that I haven’t changed and evolved but my core – GOD and my heart for God is intact, I begged Him not to lose it in the year 2015 when I got my first speaking engagement from the blog and He answered me. I still looove Him – JESUS – a lot. And I have seen Him who my soul longs for. I remain Hephzibah – His Delight and I never want to leave.


If you are reading this as an old blog subscriber, feel free to drop a note or even mail at

In writing on the blog again, I am doing a five day writing series on here- it starts tomorrow so watch out, would also love to give gifts of my books each day. So stay tuned ?

Finally… what happens to the name IMPERFECTLY PERFECT LIVES?? It now becomes a magazine!

I am happy to say that that vision hasn’t ended and you will start receiving monthly magazines with cover stories of changed lives as our message.

But for now this main blog has evolved to who I am – HEPHZIBAH FRANCES.

I love you.

And please follow me on Instagram @HephzibahFrances if you haven’t and currently aren’t. It’s eas-ier to stay up date there!

See you tomorrow as we begin the five days writing series.

Love and hugs,

Hephzibah Frances 


P:S: I no longer carry a dye on my hair as seen in picture above (scroll above if you missed it)

I looovee my dyed hair looooked sooo good on it BUT I AM NOW CLEAN??

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