In A Relationship: Am I Worthy Of A Good Man?

Once upon a time, because of my past and abortions I had had, I really and truly doubted that God would bless me with a good man. And not only that, but also because of the fact that I had pretty low self-esteem issues. I spoke about this in our post last week.

Who would want or accept a girl like me?

Would any man in his right senses really want me? With all my flaws? Am I good enough for a man to chose me out of a host of many others he has options from?

I will tell you how God sorted this out for me…

One day I was praying; I think I had just finished being worried about the matter of whether my husband would accept me or not when suddenly the Holy Spirit swooped down on me and began to whisper a certain truth to me. He said, Jesus is the prototype for my husband and if I am good enough for the Lord Jesus Christ, then I am also good enough for any earthly man.

What and wow!

I mean, He was saying that if Jesus who is perfect, saw me and picked me as His bride, then I shouldn’t be worried about a man who is imperfect accepting me for who I am.

Of course Jesus as seen in Ephesians chapter 5:25 as our first husband, doesn’t leave us with the flaws He found in us when He met us; He makes us better as He continually washes us with the water of His word which is what our earthly husbands are meant to do also, but Jesus at the time of meeting us, is swooned by us, flaws and all. To Him, we are the best bride He could have received. He swoons over us and is so taken by us. By me, by you. We make the Lord Jesus Christ’s heart go gaga. He loves us. He absolutely loves us and is beyond glad to call us His bride.

Even when you say I don’t deserve it, there is a way Jesus sees you and calls you, He literally makes you feel perfect, deserving and more than enough for His love.


And He is saying “if you are good enough for me, then you are good enough for any earthly man too!”

It may always be a constant battle to feel loved like this from the Lord without shrinking into uncertainty… we may want to appear just perfect for the man we want to love but Jesus is there saying “just go, if you are good enough for me, then you are good enough for this man too”.

This is the basis of the reason why we (you and I) are worthy of a good man: because if you are good enough for Jesus, then you are good enough for this man also.

These words must sink into you and you must never let satan rob you in your mind with self-esteem issues as regards being chosen by a good man to be His wife.

Just accept it in gratitude and replace your low self-esteem with what God thinks about you and desires for you.

For a better string of thoughts on this topic, I filmed a continuation video on YouTube you can watch below:


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Till next time,

Lots of love,

Hephzibah Frances

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    August 29, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    Powerful! If we’re good enough for Jesus, we are definitely good enough for a godly earthly man! Thank you for this life-changing post!

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