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I’m Coming Back…

Hi guys!


I haven’t blogged in a while but yesterday I kept feeling like I should. I mean I have sent newsletters but if you were here on the blog from the start especially the year 2015, then you know that it’s nothing close to what we used to do then.
He has told me to start making YouTube Videos and come back to the blog and yesterday I felt that urge to blog. This blog was where it all started at: my office and base if I may say so myself.

I want to commit to at least once a week writing and sharing in the year 2019 on here and perhaps even use the blog as an accountability slate like I did in the year 2015; that would keep me sooo accountable. But for today, let me share what is on my heart to say…

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So in April 2018 I received an INSTRUCTION from God to praise for 21 days for my husband and my marriage but for the life of me I couldn’t obey the instruction. I mean, I can be awake every hour but 12am. I couldn’t obey for more than 6 months. Finally was able to do so in December 2019 and this even had snatches of days of struggles but there was a secret; I had a sister from the women at The well @twtwinternational help me out cuz I had to put out my struggles and ask for help.

During the praise time I was using my book PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND to pray for my husband DAILY along with writing letters (if you can call them so. I realised we have to reprint a new batch with more spaces to journal though cuz you use it more than once). Anyway we were done and I felt in my heart to do it two more times in January and February 2019. I even had dates in my heart. During this time I met a lady wife at Ogbomosho where I was away for a retreat who God had been dealing with on taking the REAL JOB OF BEING A HELPER TO HER HUSBAND – this including praying for him as a MAIN DEAL.

I planned to do the next two times with two sisters alone when a married woman sent me a DM that she is PRAYING with the book for her hubby but she feels as if she got the book LATE. God began to speak to me about HE HAS SO MANY OF HIS DAUGHTERS WHO HAVEN’T GOTTEN THIS MESSAGE. Can’t I bring them into the flood too? So many who haven’t laid the foundation of their marraige and homes in prayer and PRAISE. Won’t I help them too?

At most what I planned to do with those two sisters will benefit us both alone but talk about reaping homes WORLDWIDE for Christ.
Because it was so on my heart today 1st of January, WE ARE OBEYING. Yes, the year to ADVANCE has started ALREADY (Check out The women at The WELL @twtwinternational for words we would release about the year soon)


1:We would be praising MAJORLY (along with prayer) 12 midnight for our marriages and homes.

2: We would be committing to pray for our husbands for one hour EACH DAY during the challenge using the book PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND

3: If you are in Lagos, I would be meeting with women to pray for our husbands each Sunday during the three weeks the challenge would last for.

4: THIS CHALLENGE DOESN’T EXCLUDE MARRIED WOMEN. I am aware some may be having challenges in their homes or simply wanna pray their husbands through to greatness; the altar of prayer is where it all happens! SO PLEASE JOIN US!

5: The PRAYER challenge would run on Instagram by 12am for the praise daily. We MIGHT do Facebook if we can.

6: Every lady is to commit to pray for her man DAILY for an hour using the book PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND by herself. We would only meet once a week Sundays IF YOU ARE IN LAGOS to agree in prayer together.

7: PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND BOOK AND JOURNAL are available for purchase. Available on Amazon kindle and Paperback also.
Email okorofrances@gmail.com


Pls share, tag and invite your sisters to join the flood. God is set to do a NEW THING in homes and with PRAYING WOMEN!

Hephzibah Frances.
Instagram: @HephzibahFrances

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