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Ike Amadi: 3 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Your Love

I’ve only been married a few months, and I have come to see that love and marriage is something you prepare for and progress in. You must make effort, and not rely only on your feelings. As one of my favorite mentors, Vitaly Arkhipkin, said, “Love has feelings, but not only feelings; love is a decision, therefore our love must mature.”
And for us who have made the decision to marry a woman or a man, we have to make a go of it. We must not stop loving and cherishing the man or woman we married.

“Love has feelings.” But how is this thought useful to us?

We can say we love, but if our love is not felt, then it is not useful to those we claim to love. My duty as a man, therefore, is to make sure that my wife feels my love. Daily. Continually.

What thoughts can help me achieve this?

1. Your wife is the next most important person in your life after God.

Yes it is so. And if indeed it is so, you must put her first before all other persons, no matter how close they were to you before you got married to your wife. It means I must be willing to sacrifice and make my wife happy, even when it doesn’t make sense to do it. What will it profit me to make a friend happy and dishonor my wife.

2. Invest in your wife. Spend money on her.

Buy her stuff – get her all she needs. Give her the better car, jewelry, everything to make her look and feel beautiful. Women love to look and feel good. And this requires money. Therefore, don’t be shy of spending money on your wife. And God will reward you. If you invest in her, you’ll get the returns in hundred fold.

Investing in your wife is also a ministry.
If your wife is happy, you’ll succeed in every area of your life:….

3. Speak the right words to her.

Speak gently to your wife. We all make mistakes; let us always correct one another in love and let it show in our tone of voice. Let your wife be able to confide in you, let her be able to pour out her heart to you without fear of being judged by you. Let us not be men who shout on our lovely wives, but let us be those who deal gently with them.

The Lord will give us grace in Jesus name.

Don’t forget:
Invest in your wife. Don’t be afraid to do it. God will bless you more for that.

If your wife is happy, it is your award. If she’s unhappy, it is to your shame.

You will enjoy your marriage in Jesus name. And the more you invest in your wife, the more profit you’ll get.



Ike Amadi is a fiercely passionate leader and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the development of social and spiritual platforms across Africa, Europe and North America. He has founded organizations such as LA Family (Learn and Apply) and the Do Something Club, which provide members with interactive opportunities to maximize growth in the areas of personal, professional and spiritual development.

Ike Amadi is guided by the belief that intrinsic motivation is a necessary component for far-reaching advancement, and a skill that must be nurtured through ongoing practical application.

He is also a doctoral candidate in computer engineering at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University) in Moscow, Russia.

Visit his website at

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