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I Broke My Purity Vow: Is There Still Hope For Me?

Him: Are you a virgin?

Me: No. But I am not sexually active.



The above waa a conversation I had with a doctortising my lastest upcoming books Chastity for men and chastity for ladies, I came across a comment of a man on one of my posts who read it and said “but you aren’t a virgin…”. I replied and said “no, I am a revirgin”. And I was chuckling all the way.

You see, sometimes ladies (Christians) who have broken their virginity are seen to be second-class citizens of the Kingdom of heaven. But ugh, who said?


As I wrote in my new book, Chastity for the ladies who want to please their Father:

Maybe you have been wracked with guily at losing your virginity and feeling like a second-class Kingdom citizen; now you know better.

At each sides of the divides, now we know better. We cannot go back to the lines we have been shown to be cleared. We have seen the light and we would move in the light we have seen.

Christ has purchased us with His blood. We are made pure by the blood. Now we see the light and because we see Now we see the light and because we see the light we cannot go back to the darkness from which we came.
We would serve Him and glorify Him with our bodies, not with works to gain His approval… not in skirting around the surface to prevent ourselves from falling in… but because our bodies are already His anyway and what we are doing after realizing this truth is simply offering up our body to the One whom it belongs to in the first place.




I filmed this video below at a time when I was getting a lot of calls from some women who had broken their purity vow and felt condemned. I was once there but look what God has done!


I encourage you to watch below:



Please note that preorders for both my new books “CHASTITY FOR MEN AND LADIES” a double volume book to help you live above the grind of sexual immoralitt and addictions are open for preorders.

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We launch our new book at a mentorship event for men in Lagos Nigeria on Sunday, January 27th 2019 at 3pm Prompt!

Men’s Mentorship Meet and Events holds on Sunday January 27th 2019

Venue: The Food Shack, 32a ologun agbaje, Victoria Island Lagos

Time: 3pm Prompt!

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Please share this flyer above. We raising a revolution by the grace of God with Deborahs calling out Baraks to ARISE.


See you!






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