Making The Most Of Your NYSC Year

How To Make The Most Of Your NYSC Year

I had a blast during my NYSC year.

I released my first book and entered into the foray of being an author.

Still..smiles and smiles at my first book launch: October 2015

I spoke at my first speaking engagement and had other doors to minister open for me.

Still on gifting copies to students and answering questions on fear

I spoke at schools and started what I now run as an  NGO during NYSC.

I started travelling and sightseeing which culminated into the women at the well ministry and then TWTW Travel and Tours business today.

Olumirin waterfalls

This blog grew in leaps and bounds during NYSC reaching people in nations outside Nigeria.

My spiritual muscles grew and I got deeper into God in ways that I couldn’t comprehend.

Essentially, the foundation blocks of my life right now were dug during my NYSC year in Ado-Ekiti. And to think that it’s the same year many Nigerian youths lament as a wasteful year.


When I got my call-up letter to Ekiti State, of course I wondered about what the year would bring. I spoke to some persons and they only had bad tales to bear about their time there. But I had a deal with God. I had been praying and I told Him I wanted only His will for my life to be done. I didn’t work my posting – I knew God had taken me there and He had a plan. And so one of the first things I did was to commit my year to God. And then I wrote in my journal that I would not waste my year. At orientation camp when most corpers were wrapped up with the activities, I was strategizing.


I had a journal with me. I knew that I wanted to reach young students at schools during the year and I also needed like-minded youth corpers to be a part of it.

Each day saw God literally merging me with those I needed to make what I needed to do a reality. I am still in touch with some of those persons today and they are doing amazing things in their own sphere.

I also wanted to give hope to other NYSC youths so throughout my NYSC year I ran the youths speak segment on the blog where I interviewed other youths who had plans for the year and didn’t want to just waste the year.

My God! I had such a fruitful fruitful year and I am still eating the fruits thereof today.

A new batch of youth corpers are in camp right now and the truth is whether or not you will have an amazing and fruitful NYSC year begins from camp. It all happens in the mentality of each person.

At my time in camp, I took a journal everywhere, noting plans, etc for the year. I drew up a business plan and financial plan too during orientation camp. I had heard that corpers mostly blow their allowee and I didn’t want that person to be me. I wanted to be wise with my finances and by God’s grace, I was.


So as a new corper right now, you are in camp. What can you do to make the most of your NYSC year?




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  1. Renew Your mind: Honestly, it starts from your mentality. If you believe that you will have an amazing year, you will. If you don’t, you won’t. It is as simple as that.During my NYSC year, I steered clear of conversations that weren’t feeding my destination. If them boys and girls were having conversations on how useless NYSC is, I waka pass.

2: Dare To Be Different: You didn’t come all this way just to be a normal guy and girl gliding along. No, we need more Nigerian youths with a brain in their head and a willingness to put that brain to work. Know that that youth can be you. Look at those youths who are ambassadors, etc for Nigeria in one sphere or the other. They weren’t just picked for picking sake, no, they made a mark, they were differentfrom the regular youth and most of what they are known for began when they were youngsters like you. You can be a different youth too.


3: Know That You Can Do This:You really can.It is not easy to go against the grind. I used to have fellow corpers then who would say that “ah, when allowee come we go use it to drink na.. it finishes in one day” and they will look at me like I am crazy when I talk about savings, etc from the little we have.

Well, some of those my fellow corpers in my time are in friends in Facebook. I see their messages of commendation they send to me. It wasn’t easy when I was with them but over time what I stand for has grown in their hearts. If you canl them and ask about Frances they will tell you what things I stand for and thats because yes, it wasn’t easy but I stood my ground. I walked that NYSC path in a way that I left great marks in the lives of those I came in contact with.

If I could do it, with God’s help, you can too.

For the next four weeks, I want to help those who really want to make a difference with their NYSC year. You know that one year is too great a year to waste and you don’t want to do that. You want to maximize your year, spilling out light into everyone you come across.. then this series on the blog is for you.

We will talk about four pillars you should work on and hold on to if you want your year to be as amazing and even more amazing than mine was.


Till next time,

Start getting meaningfully meanigful  with your NYSC year.




If you need more help on how to maximize your NYSC year, my book “Making a difference with your NYSC year” is your best bet.










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The books are also stocked in Lagos, Delta State, Jos and other cities in Nigeria.

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I also have a bias towards youth corpers; there is a soft spot in my heart for them.

I wrote my first book “the purpose book” durting NYSC year and also wrote the manuscript for my NYSC book while I was serving. I had my first book launch planned and executed during my NYSC year too and so I know that it is possible to birth a book during your NYSC year.

My business Beautiful Feet Publishing would love to help you birth your book during NYSC year. If this is your dream, it can be a reality!

Let’s help you birth this.

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