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How My Faith In God Was Restored

“… For they shall not be put to shame who wait for, look for, hope for, and expect me”

Isaiah 49:23

In the year 2015 when I was just starting my journey in purpose, God promised me the nations but I waited and waited and saw nothing come to pass till the year 2018. Even in that year, it took God convincing me to believe in Him again because as far as I was concerned, He had let me down do no way would I reach out my faith to Him again. Through a series of healing of my heart God brought me to ask again and in ONE DAY the prophecy was fulfilled starting with Ghana to the Nations.
But this incidence in 2018 did not fully heal my heart till last year 2020 when God did two mighty miracles in my life.

In 2018 we received a prophecy that God was going to give us free houses in Lagos paid for by grace but every time I tried to reach out and take steps of faith, nothing happened ( I will tell you the reason why if you register for our webinar on HOW TO CAUSE PROPHETIC WORDS TO COME TO PASS – ITS FREE). I waited till year 2020 when it simply seemed like “God this is it! You need to come through for us” and again that prophecy came to pass in ONE DAY! People gave to us from everywhere! From having nothing to moving into our first ministry house IN A DAY (I filmed our testimony on my IG page here) and God said it was the start of Him doing things He had promised me from years past. He restored my faith (I speak of how He restored to me what the word of God means here) but that wasn’t all.

On my birthday September 6th 2020 God started speaking to me about speed and acceleration; that things were going to happen so fast my head would swim. And He started with my destiny. I went for a retreat as led in October 2020, came out of the retreat, was worrying about money when during a worship session at church, God said to me “you can travel the nations you don’t need visa for before the end of the year”. I’m like “God you are crazy’ but when He speaks I am crazy too so I obeyed. I sent an email in faith, set the dates He told me to set and started praying about connections because I knew zero persons in the nations He placed on my heart – Togo, Benin republic and Liberia. In prayer a name was dropped on my heart, I reached out, she didn’t know anyone but about two days later, a colleague calls her and he spoke to his church and somehow that’s how we ended in Togo and God gave us such a family of believers there with fruit for the kingdom. But even with all these, that wasn’t how God restored my faith in Him and His word.

This is how He did it…

“… For they shall not be put to shame who wait for, look for, hope for, and expect me”
-Isaiah 49:23

When I first gave my life to Christ in the year 2011 I had so many testimonies from putting my faith in God. In fact, my salvation story is a testament to God answering my prayers (you can watch my salvation story here) but as time went on, as I went through my wilderness seasons of training in God with requirements to lay down the dream God gave me, my heart became jaded with faith in God. I mean, I still saw some things happen like Him giving me food to eat, making my needs available but for the big things I trusted for like the nations and other stuff, it just seemed like God wasn’t answering my prayers so I grew jaded with faith and with God.

I had left Nigeria with nothing but the flight ticket and about 50,000naira for exchange to go to Cotonou but when I got into Togo Covid tests took the money I saved so literally what I had was what I had come to Togo with but I had planned to go to three nations; IT WAS A STEP BY STEP FAITH JOURNEY; I SIMPLY WENT ON A WORD FROM GOD.
Then at Togo, men started giving me money, 200,000 cefa (that’s like 200k naira equivalent) in a day and also persons in Nigeria were sending money for the ministry trip then we had enough to go to Benin republic then time for Liberia, I had again, just enough to make the trip; I had 8000naira only when I stepped into Liberia and my passport was seized because I didn’t have the 75 dollars for Liberia. We did the ministry at Liberia, my trip got extended and I didn’t have a flight ticket. I had prayed about it and God said it was done yet no money. He provided a family and I spent Christmas in Liberia then had one last ministry meeting.  On Christmas day 2020 I received a 500k alert, anonymous from God J with no name on the alert and as I lay on the floor thanking God, He simply said to me “those that trust… wait on the Lord shall not be put to shame”.

Let me tell you the truth: at this point God was (and still is) my only hope. I wasn’t hoping in any man; I put out social media posts about our need but trusted in nobody. My trust and hope was on God. I was at a point of “God if you don’t come through for me I have no other person who would come through for me”. My song then was GUC “God is helping us”. And God reiterated what I had done when he gave me the money; He said “those who wait upon me shall not be put to shame”. In other words, you can put your trust in men and they would fail you but if you put your trust in me God, you can never be put to shame. I can’t ‘fall your hand”; I can’t fail you. If you wait and trust in me, you can never be put to shame.

When I touched down Nigeria on December 31st 2020 I had that scripture “those who wait on the Lord shall not be put to shame” on my heart, crying in thanksgiving to God. I had never been that faith stretched in my life; never! Never! It was a new level of faith and trusting God for me where literally I had nothing but the word to stand upon; that God if you don’t come through for me I’m gone… I set out on your word oh God; I know no one but you… and GOD DID NOT PUT ME TO SHAME.

That was the way I ended the year 2020 and began the year 2021 and I know God did it for a reason. For a girl who had grown jaded in and with God’s promises, to see Him fulfill a promise with such speed? THREE NATIONS IN TWO WEEKS? WITH NO CONNECTS AND NO MONEY? And we spent more than a million naira on the trip with me having no dime? I mean…. MY FAITH IS RESTORED!
I noted it; I cried because that’s how I want to live my life going forward; with total faith and trust in God. I have some things in my heart for the year going forward that only God can do and He has told me ”ÍF YOU WILL PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME AND WAIT FOR ME, YOU WILL NOT BE PUT TO SHAME” and of a truth, I have tasted and seen that this is true.






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