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How Committed Are You To Your Year 2023 Goals?

Once upon a time I was a fitness buff. If you go through old posts on this blog you would see my weight loss challenge and story. I went down from 98kg in 2013 to fluctuating between 75-78kg in 2015 and I chronicled my story and journey here.

I gained more than weight loss from my journey though; I gained a will that was committed to do and make things happen. I remember when I first started jogging in Law school. I started by jogging around VI then I graduated to jogging from Vi to lekki tollgate and back. My body grew stronger, my will greater than my excuses and to be honest my life became all round better. It spilled into my life in other areas like my productivity with my book writing, ministry works etc. I became a machine that was living life on a high level of action. I loved my life!

During the years 2016 I became really depressed from my wilderness season and the will to continue life, having a goal etc dropped off of me. My productivity went to an all time low. It affected my exercise routine, my work routine, everything!

Yes I get things done but not at the level of how I used to hit goals and be determined to go to work daily till I get what I wanted done.

Recently I made a decision to start changing this area of my life from the health angle first. Because from experience, setting a goal to exercise is a goal that can affect the other parts of our lives. The repetitive momentum daily can help us stick to other goals, and condition our minds to get things done no matter what.

I have been exercising even at night to make sure I meet my exercise goal and it feels really good to stick to something and do it!

So my question to you today is, do you have goals in your life that can help you recondition your mind to making things work and getting things done without excuses? This is another way to grow this year and learn the habit of committing to do something until it is done. It will show up in your dealings in other areas of your life.

If you are like me and you can tell, when you had more say over your own will your life was better then you may want to pick a goal and commit to it unbroken in the next 21 days. Your will is the area of your mind you can set to do something. Your will can be weak or strong. If its weak, all hope is not lost, you can condition it to be stronger by setting a goal and committing to make that goal happen. There is something conditioning your mind to work on a goal in a certain time frame can do for you.

It would create a vision before your eyes again, help your ability to set and carry out goals, boost your confidence in yourself again as you carry out those goals as well as restore a healthy self-esteem about your abilities again. I heartily recommend! Even my starting to write on this blog again is a goal I am so glad to be hitting! Talk about publishing a post at almost 12 midnight because I had it on my mind to get this done today! My mind is already being reconditioned to work on something and ensure it is done before I rest. And I love it!????

If the goal you want to commit to is exercising for the next 21 days you can join me on my exercise accountability group. It is not free though but 3500 Naira only to help you commit. There is something about putting your money down that conditions you to be invested in something no matter how little the money is, so long as its your hard earned money. Haha. And I want you to be invested in this. Plus I’d be spending time daily encouraging us to get through the 21 days without giving up and that time can’t be free. Send a WhatsApp message to +2347035539092 to join us. We begin Monday March 20th 2023.

To being people who commit to our goals and setting our minds on something till its done, amen!

Till next time,

Lots of love,

Hephzibah Frances

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