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Have You Got A Story To Share From Your Past Like My Past Abortions?

I was sitting in Church yesterday, receiving Word that was exactly what my soul needed at that point in time when the minister, Sister Oyinkan branched into “sharing your story/testimony”.
Anyone who has read this blog for a while or has at least stumbled on my story here or my video on Youtube sharing my story on my past abortions already know that sharing my story is something that God has dealt with me on.


I like to joke with myself and when I’m speaking to my friend who I am with right now that I just came from the bush, the David kind of bush… which is true but it’s also true that it was a good bush.

That bush had God pulling the past off of me and releasing me to walk in the now and in the future.

That bush had God pulling off the past weight of condemnation arising from future sins while giving me the complete newness of life God gives.

That bush had God asking me to share my story on my past abortions and sexual addictions while removing every hold satan had over me from the past.

Yes, it was a good bush…

So I could relate during sermon yesterday when Sister Oyinkan said that sharing our past stories is the only way we can experience complete wholeness from the scars of the past.

I could relate when she said that sharing our stories brings innumerable lives to Christ and spreads forth His glory in ways that we cannot imagine.
I am still in touch with a few girls I mentor from the conference God asked me to share my story at and when I remember the night we met, they with tears in their eyes, talking to me about issues they had… and I see their pictures now with light in their eyes… with a sincere desire to know Jesus better… when I see Jesus in their eyes now…a fruit from just one night of obedience in my part, my soul leaps for joy over and over again.
It’s just like God told me “let me heal your scars and heal the scars of others through you”.
Sharing our story comes with unimaginable pain.
Pain and intense anxiety about what people would think about us.
What will my dad say?
What will my mom say?
What will my friends say?
And it’s more nerve wracking when Jesus doesn’t give you any guarantee but “Trust me”.
He does say that you overcome the world by your testimony but somehow those words don’t kick when it comes right down to it.
You are scared…
You think you won’t be accepted anymore…
Or worse, like me, you think no man will ever marry you with your life spread all about town like that…
But hey, Sharing your story first of all cleanses you and makes you whole and if that doesn’t happen, even the people you are worried about being accepted by can never relate with you as God wants them to do.
Because the hurt and scar and pain in your soul won’t let you enjoy those divine relationships…
And even worse, you can never function in the dimension of where God wants you to function at purpose wise if you don’t release the past and let it go.
If you can’t obey Him in sharing your story, how can you obey Him if He sends you to the Nations?
Would you be the one to hand pick what God wants you to do or will you be wholly surrendered to Him, doing whatever He asks you to do?
So as I sat in Church yesterday, thankful for my life and all God has cut off of me, releasing me to walk in His purposes for my life right now, I also suddenly got what I want to talk about during the upcoming book reading/discussion on purpose that will be holding in Lagos soon.
It will be just like the one I held at the Correctional Centre in Ekiti State… not just a book reading, but one where we discuss a certain step, along with pondering the reflection questions attached to it, and also praying together as a group for clarity/direction as regards God’s path for our lives.
It’s a vision attached to my book “10 steps to walking in purpose” and I plan to hold the one in Lagos at the end of the month/beginning of December.
I know that a lot of persons are still struggling with this step they must walk in before they can step into God’s purposes for their lives.
I struggled with it too and I want to help you as a sister and a friend in anyway that I can.
I am making plans currently for the book reading/discussion on purpose and somehow, we could have as little as 5 persons who come and leave refreshed in God and that’s fine or we can have as much as 10 or whatever number of persons.
My prayer is simply that everyone who comes will be released to lay aside the past, drop the scars from the past and walk in God’s purposes for their lives in the now and the future.
If you are interested, simply enter your email in the comment section below and I will communicate details as time goes on to you.
It will hold on a Saturday, by end of November/beginning of December.
As everything becomes clearer, I will send details to everyone whose interested via emails.
And just as a reminder also, the virtual book tour/giveaway of my book will begin next week Monday and will be open for a week.
You get a chance to get a free PDF of my book during that week by just complying with a few simple rules 🙂
If you are a blogger and you are interested in taking part in the virtual book tour also, you can holla at me via comments below or mail me at okorofrances@gmail.com
You also get a free e-copy of the book and the idea is simple really..with no stress on your part but to spread the word.
So save both awesome stuff coming up on “10 Steps to Walking In Purpose” book deals.
And please pray concerning the discussion on “sharing our story”.
I know… I know lots of people struggle in that regard and it’s a crucial step we must take before we can walk in purpose fully as God wants us to do.
So again enter your email in the comment section below and clear your schedule as we go ahead with plans God has for “10 Steps To Walking in purpose” book.
Till the virtual book tour/giveaway next week,


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  • Reply
    November 26, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    I have been following your blog for a while, a passive follower tho’ and I must say I have really been blessed. God bless you Frances that is all I can say. I would love to be part of your book reading…here’s my email address…. ormorlahra@gmail.com. Thanks

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      November 27, 2015 at 12:17 am

      Hello Omolara!
      Niiice to meet you, “no more a passive follower”
      Amen and amen and amen!
      Thank you!

      And thank you for your interest on the book reading, will mail you ASAp

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