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Getting Married Without A Groom Part 4

God had spoken to me about my marriage and asked me to IN FAITH begin to write this book.

It is a memoir of sorts beginning at the beginning of my life and ending at my marriage.

It would run every Saturday here on the blog till my wedding holds.

I hope that you are blessed and challenged by it in your own marital story.

If you missed the last chapter  click here


Chapter 4

I see him in my dreams. This man who I am a wife to. I think I know his name too; even though I still haven’t seen him physically…Yet.

Call me crazy but on Saturday September 30th 2017 I suddenly had an urge to pray for his character. I got the leading during my quiet time but kept pushing it till later in the evening. The burden didn’t leave till I lifted him in prayer for grace to live forth the character of Christ. I used the book God gave me on “Prayers for your future husband” to pray for him.

I went to bed talking to God about loving someone I haven’t even met yet. Its hard to explain but I feel like God has placed such a love in my heart for this Mr Man that I don’t even know yet.
I asked the Lord that night, “how can I be missing someone I haven’t even met yet? How can I have such an agape love for someone I don’t even know what he looks like (technically – I say technically because I just may have seen one blurry picture of him).

It’s strange and crazy and way different from anything else I have ever known.

In the past, The first guys I dealt with as a young girl came into my mind repeatedly during the day but only for daydreams about sex and what we would do with each other’s body. Every love thought I had about them was wrapped in with lust. But now, this man I dream about isn’t like that; every time he comes to my mind he comes with a  leading to lift him up in prayer and when I delay, even the Holy Spirit roots for him as evidenced by his repeated tugs on my heart to love him through prayer.

I have never felt any shame in talking about him to the Lord. I ask the Lord why I feel such love for him?
I ask the Lord why I am missing him so?
I know this my man – my future husband is going to be one man who Jesus would sit back and smile as he watches me with him and that would be a first because Jesus has always been jealous for my affections since I met him. One time Jesus even warned me when a toaster pecked my forehead. I could feel his voice saying “I didn’t give him permission to touch you!”.

But this my husband would be one approved by Jesus. When we are married we can kiss, touch and show our love for each other by making love and Jesus would be happy with me.
This means everything to me because Jesus would always be my first husband. Every other thing or person can only be enjoyed by me if its approved by Him.

I have only ever known stolen kisses and intimate moments with men I wasn’t married to and I can’t wait to be able to please Jesus with a man He approves of.

Ah, I remember the heartaches of not giving over my love life to Jesus and even after having the evidence of the playboy shirt from the last heartache, it didn’t stop me from falling into the next one.

This next one turned me into a nobody; a depressed love struck junkie who couldn’t leave even after being verbally abused, slapped once and relegated to nothing in her mind.

Let me start the story of the next relationship after “playboy” from the very first time I met him…

Your Turn:
1: Do you believe that God can write your love story? (See Genesis 24)

2: Do you desire to have a love evidently approved of and sanctioned by God?

3: What steps have you taken to make that a reality? Are your relationship choices submitted to Jesus?

4: If you haven’t submitted your love life to God (sometimes we hold this part back even aftet salvation), then simply from your heart, talk to Jesus.
Tell Him you are sorry that you have been trying to help yourself for so long.
Tell Him that you are going to leave those self-made relationships for Him. Ask Him to take control of your love life and surrender your love life to Him.

You can make it official by writing and signing a covenant in your journal that from today you will no longer enter any relationship without seeking God’s will and finding out His heart concerning it. You won’t say yes without His own yes

5: Sometimes we get lonely and would love for mr man to appear right now.
When you get lonely and your heart aches, lift up your future husband in prayer. Show him your love by entrusting him into God’s hands and honour both God and your future husband by being faithful even before you meet him.
You don’t have to jump on dates to fill the gap. Talk to God about him and pray for him.
Making the choice to honour God always pays.

You can be sure of this:

“…But now the Lord says: ‘Far be it from Me; for those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.”
I Samuel 2:30 NKJV



My book “Prayers for your future husband” is available for would-be brides!

You can download the sneak peek copy Download

The end goal of the book “PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND” is:

That all our women will arise to pour out prayers and not just wishes on the lives of the ones they desire to marry.

That we would no longer build our homes on the air but on the altar of prayer.

That we would no longer gripe and complain about husbands and men in the world but change things and nurture their lives in our prayer altars.. That again women would go back to raising up altars of intercession upon the lives of the men they marry.



“PRAYERS FOR YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND” is available for purchase. Discount available on bulk purchases for women ministry or single women groups.

DM or email to order


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