Ikenna is a 35 year old high powered executive who earns in dollars, owns his own houses, loves the Lord but keeps having repeated failed relationships. It’s the end of the year again and he isn’t having it this time around. But where does a young man go to find answers for his Love life? Enima is a young girl with countless prophecies about her marriage but as the year draws to an end she still doesn’t see a physical manifestation to her prophecies from the Lord. Where does she go to get answers to this conundrum? The Lord Himself sits on High desiring to answer the questions of Ikenna and Enima. Afterall it’s Christmas season and a time for miracles. Read Once Upon A Christmas Love Story is a riveting tale of emotions men and women like Ikenna and Enima go through in their still single love stories. Where is God in all this? Read this book to find out! Get the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS FREE here To Get the full copy of the Book Click here Be BLESSED by it. Also please do me a favour: hit the share button below and share to someone before you leave … Continue reading FREE BOXING DAY GIFT: ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY