Francis And Lisa Chan: Marriage In The Light Of Eternity

One of our ladies at the Women At The Well group sent a video of Francis and Lisa Chan during our recently concluded “Marriage Today Bible Study” and I remember watching the video a few weeks back and just being totally blown away as I watched because something on the inside of me totally felt like “this is it” and this is something EVERY single and married person should hear.


It also resonated with me because in April this year at a conference, I broke down and told God “if the marriage you will give me won’t lift up your name higher than we individually have been doing, then I would rather stay single…”

I even started writing a letter to my future husband to tell him about this deep consecration I had made to God… and I made it not because I didn’t want to get married but because my desire to get married to advance God’s name and purpose on the earth has overridden my desire to just be held in a man’s arms and bear his babies.


Even our babies have to be part of God’s bigger plan.. its more than just wearing a ring on my finger and if the man and I wont lift God way higher than we have been doing individually, then I told God that I would rather stay single and do the bit I have been doing and can do for Him.


During the week again, we had cause to again share Francis and Lisa Chan’s video on “Marriage In The Light Of Eternity” in our ladies group and I thought to also share it with you all my blog family.

Hopefully, somehow, you also just may dedicate and consecrate yourself and the marriage God will bring you into to His eternal purpose and will.

You can stream the video below…



It is my prayer that more and more marriages will arise that shine forth God’s light and see beyond themselves to deep insight into God’s plan and agenda for their marriages in Jesus name, amen.






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