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For You Can Do All Things; Yes All Things!

I just read the post I did in January this year on testimonies of God’s divine provision in my life. I ended that post with words about the Port-Harcourt ladies event God laid in my heart to do and as at the time of writing that post I did not know how it would all go.

The programme has held and it was a huge success.

I feel led to write my testimony on that programme and my book “Prayers for your future husband” to make my point with today’s post.

When God laid the Port-Harcourt programme in my heart I had nothing but a friend at PH who attended the church we were laising with and she was enough as a God-given helper.

God bless you Queenie.

But then money was an issue. I didn’t have enough to print my book and sponsor the refreshments etc.

I withdrew money from all my accounts and it still wasn’t enough.

On the day of the programme when I was expecting that we would sell a bit of books, God dealt with me on motives and we ended up not doing that. After withdrawing everything I had, ministering powerfully etc, I didn’t even have any cash to go pick up the books that just arrived at the park.

God told me that no one has ever given anything for His Kingdom that didn’t reap it many times over in this life and the life to come so I should stop thinking that I was defrauded.

So after the event the first thing He did was send someone to send me cash to go pick up the books from the park.

Then I was so crazy in faith I spent all I had without even having transport fare to go back to Lagos. And I wasn’t worried.  In one week from here and there the transport was complete and I even had change.

When it was time to complete payment for the books God showed me that he funds His work Himself and I should stop fretting.

Long story short is as at January I didn’t know how it would all pan out. I only had the tug. Details, plans, finances I had to trust God for it all. It was even my first time in Port-Harcourt but that wasn’t a requirement for it to succeed; all I needed was God in me to do ALL THINGS.

I say this testimony to remind myself that with God we can do all He has told us to do. Sometimes we forget this simple truth and so when God tugs on our heart to step out, we dilly dally and wonder and wonder and end up doing nothing at all.

Those who obey and fulfill God’s plan for their lives are those who simply take God at His word and step out when He says “step out”.


I am speaking to myself too because I have been tugged on to start three businesses recently.

The women at the well ministry will be kicking off her travel and tour business and even after sharing details of the first one we would be having, I found myself really doubting and wondering if we could do this.


But we can.

I had to go read the Proverbs 31 woman again who is my manual for this season and after doing so Paul’s words kept ringing through my heart.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Philippians 4:13 NKJV

As you go into this week… as God speaks to your heart and lays what He would have you do for His Kingdom, determine not to second guess yourself. You aren’t enough anyway. Look for Him in you and focus on Him. In and with Him you can do ALL things.


The faith walk dears, let’s walk it.


Till next time on here,

Keep living purposefully,




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