For Christian Writers/Bloggers: Let The Holy Spirit Breathe Life On Your Words

At Thirsty Conference in 2014 Pastor Chingtok said “a school is just a school until life breathes on it.. everything is just as it is until life (the Spirit breathes on it).

So I translated it into: a blog is just a blog until life breathes on it.
And so that year I took praying for the blog seriously.
I asked the Holy Spirit to breathe life on every word on the blog. I asked Him to work on the blog so people will never come on here and leave without a word for their soul. I prayed that prayer earnestly and asked you guys – my blog fam to pray it too.
God answered. The year 2015 saw this blog turning around in ways I can’t explain. The mails were unbelievable. The lives touched immense. I knew that it couldn’t be my simple sounding words; it could only be by the Spirit breathing life on the words God has given me.
I was thrilled and took it a step farther.
I started praying and still pray on posts I put up online.
So when I get testimonies from people who follow me on Instagram talking about how they encounter “life” on my page, again I just go: thank you Holy Spirit!

You see, as writers for Jesus it takes more than writing prowess to touch lives. It takes the Spirit.
It takes the Spirit to breathe life on what you write to make it come alive.
Sometimes we want to attend writing classes and training which are good (after all my business Beautiful feet publishing hosts trainings for authors) but the first person we need in our work of writing for Jesus is the Holy Spirit.

How do you do your writing on your blog/books/social media?
Do you invite the Spirit to come take control?
Do you ask Him to give you the words and to breathe life upon them?
And do you yourself have life in you that comes from spending time with God? It’s only if you have life that you can give out life. You cannot give what you don’t have. So it can never be about you just writing about God but living God through your words.

You could start today.

Holy Spirit breathe on the words you give me. Breathe on my blog. Let lives encounter the words you give me and be changed, transformed and molded into the image of Jesus. As I share you may it stir up a deep desire to know you more in the lives of people.. in Jesus mighty name.. amen.


Lord help us all.
I run “Beautiful Feet Publishing” a platform that exists to help aspiring authors birth their baby books to life.
As part of our desire to help, we will be starting a “15 days writing prompt” for those who need help with writing their book.
It would run on the Facebook Group HERE.
If you have a baby book you need to birth.. do hop on fast. Let’s do this 🙂
Join up here

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