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Discipline || I Will Not Be Brought Under The Power Of Anything

I met with my sister Bolaji over the weekend and one of the things we discussed about was on how different people are struggling with different things.

Some persons are struggling with the hold of movies over their lives, some are struggling with sleep and some are struggling with the hold food has over their lives – the inability to control what they put in their mouths. I fall into the category of food deals and it is more of also not being able to say “it is enough” when it should be enough. In weight loss terms, it is called “portion control”.

I used to struggle with movies but then God delivered me so I know that the Holy Spirit can also help me with the area of food and exercise deals if I let Him work in and through me and I have been trying to do that for weeks but last week was better. I fell just twice over the weekend.

I am currently on the “Intimacy with Jesus” fast too so that’s good as fasting is one of the best ways to discipline the flesh and tell it “YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME AND YOU ARE NOT MY MASTER!”

I realize that there is a WORD for this deal of flesh and things controlling us as Christians.


“All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”

-1 Corinthians 6:12

Now when Paul was speaking of the above, he used the stomach and meat as an illustration of sex /sexual immorality.

He said, you could say that this thing is good, its okay, but then it may not be beneficial to me. So then even if it is good and it is not beneficial, I should be able to say NO. For the simple reason that I as GOD’S HEIR SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT UNDER THE POWER OF ANYTHING.

Now this is hard for some of us to understand because even sometimes when God points an area for you to work on, you are like “but it is not even a bad thing Lord!!”

But then he says “you should not be brought under the power of anything” and if you are finding it hard to stop something – it may not even be so extreme like sexual immorality, etc. But it just shows that you are under that thing’s power and that shouldn’t be.


So what can we do about releasing ourselves form the shackles of the things that bound us?

If there is one thing I have realized, it is the truth that there is power in the word of God.

So take the scripture we have outlined today and go to work with it.

How do you go to work with a scripture? Meditate on it. Run it over and over in your mind and when faced with temptation you have two choices. Do what the word says or what your flesh says?

The power you have been able to squeeze out of the word will inform what choice you make.



Praying we all have a great week being disciplined God’s way over the things we are struggling with.


We will meet here next week for more on living a purposeful life.


And if you are wondering about what discipline has to do with walking in God’s purpose for our lives, see this post.





Interested in walking in God’s purpose for your life?

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And in the Spirit of sharing on walking in God’s purpose for our lives, I am currently working on the second edition of this book with some key changes being made in it for use for youths and teenagers and it will be especially used for my NGO WORK in schools.

The first edition was released in a secondary school also where we had an impactful time with the young girls and boys.

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We are planning an outreach for 1000 students this year cutting across schools in Lagos and Delta state and we hope to have the new edition of the purpose book given out to these students for free.

As usual it is a God-given dream that feels very much like walking on water.

We are hoping to get sponsors led to give and can sponsor a copy of 1000Naira for a student.

The thousand naira will go for both the book and for making this dream to reach a thousand students at a programme in these schools a reality.

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God bless you

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