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Dear Future Hubby: We Are In A War

Hey baby,

I have been meaning to write to you for a while but then something keeps popping up. I actually wrote this letter this morning, lost it and now have to write from scratch again. Oh well…

This will be a quick one too. We are on our way to Omu resort based on TwtwTravelAndTours things 🙂


So I shared on Wednesday on how I found myself slacking with God and in need of new beginnings. Towards the end of the  week God also began to teach me on the reason why I should pray ceaselessly.

I and my brother had been on some prayers for a while and same day God told him too that prayers are practically supposed to be out weapon for the rest of our lives. No slacking.

You know sometimes we don’t understand what happens when we are weak. The Bible says while men slept the enemies came and sowed tares. Our life with God isn’t a one-off thing, it is a forever thing.

I just wanted to check with you babe, how are you doing spiritually?

Need some help?


I am praying for you:

Father, uphold the hands of my husband wherever he may be right now. Strengthen him in his inner man. Pour out afresh upon him the Spirit of prayer and supplication. Give him hunger for you and your word. Help him to dig deeper into who you are. Pour out your life and grace upon him to be strong and not weak. Raise him up Lord. .in you. In your Spirit and no less.

Thank you Jesus. In Jesus name I have prayed amen.


Love you babe.

Your wife,




Just a few things:

You can download the sneak peek of my  book “prayers for your future husband” below:

Let us pray for our future husbands:
Father I thank you for your son who you have ordained for me and are grooming right now. I thank you that He is not confused or at a loss for what to do. I thank you for the divine God given ideas that you have given him. Thank you for the work of his hands.
This new week as he goes out Lord, bless the works of his hands.
As he steps out to do that which you have given him to do Holy Spirit breathe life upon it! That it would explode in the hearts of men. As he submits proposals and thinks of strategies, release ministering angels toto minister to the harvest of his business.
This week he experiences increase like no other!
He flows in abundance!
He does not beg for food.. favour abounds where ever he steps his feet upon!
He is favoured.. called up from the nations.
As he stretches forth that which you have put in his hands.. no matter how small it is..may it part the red seas before him!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Lord for this awesome hardworking amazing man you have given me.
You reward Lord.
Reward his effort with gain – heavenly gain.. in Jesus mighty nme.. amen!




Need the full book mail

Hard and soft copies are available.

Keep lifting your man and woman in prayer. God hears. God answers.

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  • Reply
    August 7, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    am really learning from you.
    never new i could write a letter to my future husband just like that. have heard about it but not in practical like this.
    Thank you for share this. rushing to get a journal for prayer for my future hubby

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      August 9, 2017 at 1:20 pm

      Awww mzquinn.. Yes you can! Its a blessing to write and bless him in prayer.
      We are actually working on our journal for this.. if you want to purchase pls feel free to reach me..
      God bless you dear

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