Awakening Youths Reflections Of Ex-Corpers On NYSC Year Well Spent

David Adeyemi: Reflections Of An Ex-Corper On His Meaningful Year

He called me out from where I was seated during the last day of the conference we both attended and he said “I don’t know how to write about my NYSC year, my heart is too full, I can’t find the words to express it all so let me just tell you by word of mouth…”

I stood looking at him with my mind churning on with a million things – feeling his joy within me because what he felt at that moment is what I hope to feel as my P.O.P draws closer.

I intended to have another sub-category under NYSC youths speak to get every interviewee to reflect on their goals for the year – the goals they talked about in their interviews…and David whose interview was up here yesterday is a batch B corper, so he has passed out already -before September when I planned to run each person’s reflections.

His testimony about his service year blew me away/set me on my toes(and I am hoping it will keep your fire alive too)

He could only write a few words but spoke from his heart to me and I hope that my writer’s fingers won’t fail me as I try to reproduce what he said here in this post…

So I give you David Adeyemi’s reflections on a year well spent…

David Adeyemi

David Adeyemi


I never wanted to come to Ekiti State for my NYSC.

In fact, I spent 3days in Nasarawa after seeing where I was posted to, trying to change my PPA State… If I had known what God had for me, I wouldn’t have wasted my time like that.


Now that it’s all over, I am enthralled!

Indeed God’s plans for me are for good.

All glory be to the one who premeditated my being.

Thanks to Him for giving me such a burden to carry during my service year and also to accomplish it by His help.

Indeed my service year was a huge success, I have no regrets!

The tutorial and extra mural classes I wrote in the interview were organized in Maths and Chemistry.

I even took on extra classes in the school I was posted to just to have extra time with the students… I thought all these were going unnoticed till my passing out ceremony drew closer.

The students and teachers didn’t want me to leave.

A school that had never organized send forth for corpers organized for my set and gave me gifts for impacting the students positively… A teacher’s mouth hung open mouthed when he was told that I was leaving.

And more than anything, what touched me most was a letter I got from a student.

He thanked me for the advice I had been giving to his sister and asked me to be his mentor. I almost cried when I saw it.

Like “God, how did this all come to be? I didn’t know that I was touching lives in this way”

And then by God’s divine election, I pastored the youth arm of my Church.

When Church planting was done in April, I was told to be the pioneer Pastor which I did for 2months to POP.

I remain faithful to God for finding me worthy.

I taught Bible study lessons, facilitated discussion groups and just simply put my all into shining forth God’s light in me.

Indeed the prophecy on corpers came to pass in my life. The Government practically paid me to spread forth the gospel.

I am joyful, happy, lived a life of purpose during my service year in Ekiti and have no regrets at all.

I actually don’t know how to appreciate God for all this.

How he raised me and raised my family from the dregs. I basically had no hope of a university education and now, it’s all done – and it’s not just all done, God ordered my steps and used me mightily in this last phase to stepping into real life.

No regrets at all.

All the goals as shared in my interview, all achieved by God’s grace, evidenced by the lives of the young students that were changed…





Oh, like I always say on this blog, I love the way God orders my steps.

Some people went to camp to gist in mami market(which is good I think for mingling), but God also just placed awesome people in my path in camp.

I am grateful to God that I met David.

It’s always a joy to me to meet a real life believer walking in God’s purpose for his/her life – one who knows God.

As David spoke to me about his experience during the past one year, I said aloud “I pray to have lives being positively impacted when I leave this State” and he said “you are doing so already. You wouldn’t know. I believe so much in spoken words, those words you spoke to the students at that seminar we held, I went home and replayed them in my mind. God will use them.”


I am inspired more than ever before to walk in God’s purpose for my life for this one year and leave a good scent behind in Ekiti State.

If only every corper who serves can go with this mentality.

This one year can be awesome, glorious and amazing.

Some leave with just their certificates, some like David leave with more than their certificates – with grateful hearts to God for a year well spent investing in lives.

I want to be in David’s category… I hope that everyone who stumbles onto any post in this “Awakening youths category” on the blog will be inspired to have a testimony like David’s during their service year and work towards achieving it.


Till next time on awakening youths,

Keep walking in purpose,



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  • Reply
    July 17, 2015 at 10:20 am

    Amen!! I pray to have such testimony.. Should go with the next batch n I have great plans written out..

  • Reply
    Frances Okoro
    July 17, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    That’s the first step Gabby…to have the plans written out…so far as you go with that mentality, couple it with actions and God helping you, you’ll achieve them.

    I am glad that this inspired you 🙂

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