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Chukwuemeka Sidney Okeze: From Cultism To Drugs And Now JESUS!

Hi my blessed blog fam!

A wonderful brother shared his salvation story with me and I thought it so amazing, I got his permission to share. Sometimes we forget where God has brought us from. I hope this fills you with thankfulness for the salvation of your soul again. And if you don’t know Jesus, I hope this encourages you to know – you just have to know that HE IS THE ANSWER YOU NEED.


Dear Joann,

I don’t really how I found this great platform because nobody told me about it, guess I must have been led by the Spirit, but then it seems to inspire me a lot, to go beyond my current ministerial engagement. It makes me seek to do more for the kingdom of God.

Please pardon me to share a bit of my story. I am a triplet – the male among two lovely girls. Few years shortly after I got into university, I was 19yrs at the time naive and full of extra energy lol. I somehow got into cultism on campus by reason of the wrong friends I had around me. It was the worst association and experience I have ever had. There was some sort of demonic hold that had settled within and around me. I became rebellious to my parents and anyone at will, got into drugs, night life and high social life had soon become a custom. Just barely few months in, I was given a position and began to rise in influence within the group. This kind of life was really not fun for me at the time, because there was always this dissatisfaction within me that kept yawning for a better and more responsible life; which later turned out to be a life in Christ.


One certain night at the first miss IUO beauty pageant, after being compelled by a lady friend to attend, the cigarettes went out and so the buzz was getting low, I then drove out with a friend’s car to go get some packs. Returning back, I had a terrible accident and got a stitch to my head and an almost damaged car to fix. It was a period of nightmare for me. That accident had totally humbled me, I knew God Himself saved my life and I knew He was trying to speak to me. For me, it was a matter of life and death so I had to listen quickly by breaking off from many wrong friends – male and female alike and also went further to almost completely reducing my activities in the cult. My greatest misdoing (ignorance) after this experience, was that all my roommates were members of this group and I somehow failed to change my room, so the more I tried to leave the group, they somehow kept pulling me back; remember, evil communication corrupts good manners.


Two years down the line during my industrial attachment, I met with two believers who were also on IT at the firm where I got attached to. I was so amazed by their life and the level of love and knowledge of God they had. I saw them as innocent people compared to myself and all the bad addictions, things and friends I had gotten myself into. I was full of guilt and repentance and told my story to these guys. Not quite long, I gave my life to Christ and loved this new life but then I seemed to lack proper spiritual guidance. It’s really a long story, I will try to put it out short.


I.T. got over, I got back to school and got a new room and a new roommate, but then was still battling those addictions. I felt like the more I tried to run closer to God some forces tried to pull me away, I felt like I needed to cleave to Christ, if I needed to live. I got fed up confessed to my parents about the cultism thing and ran to a Pastor for prayers and deliverance. On my way to Church the following morning, after having a set of terrible dreams that night, I woke up feeling like there was no need to pray, like I was going to sort it all out at Church that morning.

On my way, I had this even more terrible accident that morning. What saved me was practically the name of Jesus. This I shouted out from the depths within me. I had a major fracture to my right leg, I mean it was pathetic. Forgot to mention that few weeks before this accident took place my parents discovered I smoked in the house. This time, I was totally in it, and nobody around me trusted or believed in me, my parents had lost hope in me. I was at totally alone. At this point was when Jesus worked right into my life, with the assurance of His mercy, grace and love. I was 24 years at the time and I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior, I was at the second semester for my final year at school when this event took place. Still lying on the hospital bed, sobbing and wondering what my life had become and why and how it had taken that shape. No friends to call, no family to rely on, Just Jesus and I; left alone with my many thanks, prayers, complaints and questions. One of which I remembered so well was. Jesus please if You can save me, please save me because all powers belong to you and You are all I have. This one I said more often.

Not long after, the doctor walked in after re-examining the x-ray he had earlier said will need a surgery to fix the fracture, came in asking what my name meant and how lucky I am, and how I didn’t need to do a surgery to fix the fracture on my leg, that most cases of multiple fractures needed a surgery to fix and in most of those cases the victims usually will have a melt implanted in the leg for some time and afterwards may still have some sort of walking posture disorder.

I felt he was trying to cheer me up though the thoughts of a posture disorder scared me a lot mainly because I had plans of joining the Navy and that was definitely going to be a turn off. But then, he said I will have to be on P.O.P for a while, which turned out to be for seven months and two months moving with the aid of a walking stick in order to gradually regain my steps. Within this period on P.O.P, he advised, if I needed to get my leg and posture back well. I had to stop drinking and smoking so it doesn’t interfere with the healing process. For me, I was willing to do anything to get well soon as well as join my peers in graduating at school that session. This I understood would only require grace from God and determination on my path.

For someone like me who used to be a bit more extroverted, seven months on P.O.P was totally ridiculous. It seemed then to me like constraining a very furious lion into a very small cage and reminded of my adolescent days when mummy forced me to observe afternoon siesta, because I was just too hyperactive. But later on, I got to appreciate and understand that it was more like spending free seven months with Jesus practically alone. It turned out to be the most remarkable time of life. During this period, I received total deliverance, learned how to spend hours studying and memorizing Scriptures, praying and worshiping night and day, discovering purpose, capturing lost talents and gifts, planning my life and a whole lot of spiritual blessings and lessons I got during that deliverance and incubation period; which had later spilled into my NYSC.

Not long after this, I was picked to join the Church choir and became an addicted evangelist. Since then, I have written two books and have sold tens of thousands of these books; though professional works but then, other Books/Movie on my experiences and God’s love so far is coming out soon by the grace of God.

I also co-founded a group of companies. I am 28 years and currently the Personal Assistant to the Director General ,Budget Office of the Federation who earlier in the year was appointed Special Adviser to the President on Planning while I also worked as his personal assistant at the time. Which was basically what had brought me into Abuja. I believe something very big is coming!!!

“Though my successes has not come in easy; but then every bit of the time had been worthwhile”.


To add to this salvation story, just recently the Lord laid it in my heart to start a campus program called Ambassadors of Christ; which is out to raise Honorable vessels, I mean true Ambassadors of Christ. It is a Holy Spirit led fellowship to deliver youths from chains/strongholds of darkness/addictions and to inspire/empower them to understand their purpose and mature into the knowledge of the fullness of the revelation of Christ.

I’ll have to end here for now, really can’t tell it all. We serve a very faithful and loving God who loves us beyond our shortcomings.

God bless you a lot Joann for this great platform, I have not really been able to tell and share my experience as much as I have using this avenue. I pray and wish this blesses lots and lots of people out there.


Beloved, please join me in sharing my testimony about the graciousness of God’s mercy and love in Christ. You can also share this story on your platforms to as much people as it may bless. God bless and promote your ministry. He has lavishly blessed and empowered you with so much power, wisdom and grace. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light shine that all men may see and glorify our Father in Heaven. It is truly just the beginning.

Please pray for me and Ambassadors of Christ, while I also mention you always in prayers. This is a reason to Cheer and there will always be more. Hope to hear from you. Blessings…

With love.

Chukweuemeka Sidney Okeze

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