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Chronicles Of My September 12 Trip Challenge: Erin Ijesha Waterfalls

NOTE: There’s a video from my trip at the end of this post and yeah, go ahead and scroll down to watch it 🙂

Just stepping in..

Just stepping into teh

After I passed out from NYSC in November, I made it a point of duty to visit the tourist centers  I had never been to before leaving Ekiti State.

So my first port of call was Olumirin Waterfalls in Osun State.
Osun State is close to Ekiti State so it was kind of compulsory that I see it before leaving that part of Nigeria. Hehe.
After browsing and checking google for directions (not that it gave me anyone), I set out just thinking “person nor dey loss for road”. Lol.
And truly, I just never miss my way when I go on trips, some helpers always arise.
I had to take a bus to get to the main Osun town before going to Erin Ijesha and when I got to the town, the buses going to Erin Ijesha weren’t available.
I sat and waited for a bit but it was getting late so I walked down the street… and met a guy who was also going to Erin Ijesha.

Just setting out..

Just setting out..

We both went back to the park and waited for a bit, and he bought corn and water for me oh 🙂
After a while he suggested we take another route and see me oh, I had no check in my spirit, so I followed him.
He paid for my fare all the way down to Erin Ijesha and never asked for anything, not even my phone number… you guys see why I don’t get scared when I go on trips alone? I don’t meet evil on the way, only divine helpers.

Road to the waterfall..

Road to the waterfall..

So I finally got to Erin Ijesha and mhen, it was fun!


Just stepping in..

Just stepping in..

Still climbing up..

Still climbing up..

I met a guy named Tunde and he was just so helpful!

I and Tunde

I and Tunde

Erin Ijesha waterfalls has 7 steps but I only got to the second one.

Getting to the first one was pretty easy as it had steps that had been constructed but the second one wasn’t so easy… but thankfully, my ajuwaya boots came in handy.

Ajuwaya boots... still saving adventurers like me..

Ajuwaya boots… still saving adventurers like me..

I was so scared like a fish!
Tunde was just telling me to “enter the water nah??”
I did enter the water ohhh.

erin 18_1

At the first step..

At the first step..

erin 17_1

At the first step there were other girls there with me so no worries but at the second one, I was just so scared of what was in the water on the ground.

I and the girls I met there..

I and the girls I met there..



see if you can spot me...

see if you can spot me…

erin 14_1

So Tunde wanted to enter with me but I forgot that he had to pull his shirt to enter and when he did, I was almost shocked. Lol.
I told him not to worry that I will enter alone ohh. Hehe.

Going to the second step

Going to the second step

It was fun and cold!
The waterfall is soooo beautiful! Like for real?
Oh my!

The waterfall...

The waterfall…

Danced around and around and took pictures and finally, it was time to leave as I still had to get to Ekiti that day.

Just playing around...

Just playing around…

erin 45

erin 11_1

I left at night with my teeth chattering.
And when Genesis called me later on, I was like “I wiiiillll seee seee you tomorrrrow”.
My teeth was chattering!

Time to go...awww

Time to go…awww

I would love to revisit again sha.. someday if I’m close to that area, I will go early and climb up to the 7th step.
That will be the day! 🙂

erin 20
And oh, gatefee is 1000 for adults, I had to add that because I didn’t see it anywhere online.
And please forgive the skeletal gist of this trip, I’m really trying to publish all posts for the year and not carry anyone over but been sooo busy this period.
The chronicles of my October trip will be up soonest.


And oh, to make up for this skeletal post, I and Tunde made a video at the waterfall and you can watch it below or at my Youtube channel here.
Enjoy and catch the fun via the screen 🙂


Till my next #12TripChallenge Chronicles,

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  • Reply
    December 19, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Chai! Can I disappear here like right now. I went there in Secondary school days like SS1 maybe….I loved the feel of the weather few miles before you get in.
    I just hope that things are better developed in our tourist places though.
    Enjoy o…I got the solo adventuring spirit from you…lol

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      December 22, 2015 at 12:35 am

      I believe things could be better developed too Gracie.. if in the “raw state” people still enjoy their visits, how much more when things have been better improved on…

      and enjoy oh, na you I dey get inspired from on trips now ohhh

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