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Chronicles Of My October 12 Trip Challenge: Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti State

Hi people!

So finally, this is my last pending #12TripChallenge Chronicle that I have to share and end the looming “carry over posts:” that I might have if I am not careful…


I went to Ikogosi warm springs for my October trip.

Its the place where warm and cold water meets at a point but never mixes… amazing yes?

At the entrance...

At the entrance…

I set out at about past 11 or so and got there by 12pm.

Entry fee to the place is 500 Naira I think and pretty easy to locate.

I met a girl who was doing her I.T in Ikogosi and she acted as my tour guide/photographer for the day 🙂


She took me around and showed me where the warm and cold water meets along with the source of the water which seemed very small to me but the water is what is used at the resort and is a means of revenue for the State as there’s also a water factory situated there.

Walking in..

Walking in..

It was impressive to see that Ekiti State had that revenue but still, I think the place can be better taken care of…

The meeting point of warm and cold meeting..

The meeting point of warm and cold meeting..

iko 8

iko 7

After looking around the place, I went to the poolside to sit… but I didn’t swim ohhh.

I haven’t gotten into the swimming groove yet…

So I just chilled at the poolside and basked in some quiet, then packed my things and started going afterwards… because I was going to leave Ekiti the next day and had top pack my things…

At the poolside...

At the poolside…

iko 17

iko 19

All in all, I didn’t enjoy this trip as much as I enjoy trip that have me engaged.. it was basically a “mark the tourist site off your list” thing I did.

But still, we hit the goal to see a new place!

And its been amazing with this goal this year… I have lived, laughed and loved. Conquered the fear of going it alone and I am more inspired to take my travel goals outside Nigeria as God meets this desire of mine 🙂

2016 travel goals is outside Naija ohhh but first, I will get on my last trip for 2015… my December trip.. make it worth while and of course share to us all.

Watch out for it.

iko 22

Till my next #12TripChallenge Chronicles,



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    Princess Okechukwu
    December 21, 2015 at 2:55 am

    Can those outside trips include Canada, Lord? I know there is nothing You cannot do.

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