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Chronicles Of My May 12Trip Challenge: Prosperous Hotel And Swimming Pool Stories

Hi everyone!
How’s your day going?
Better than mine I hope?
So I wanted to get the pictures added to the post I’ve written about my trip to Idanre hills and upload today but uploading them through my phone is taking a lot of work to get done because I snapped the pictures with my camera and the size is really large…
And I am currently trying to get my 12Trip challenge for May done so why don’t I just write a live post for that instead?
Would be more fun innit?

More so because I wanted to write something little about it on facebook and ended writing A LOT so I know I need an outlet for my feelings right now…

Ok, so here’s the thing…
I had a seminar to attend close to where I have been thinking of going to and I just thought, “just stroll down and get the trip for May done”
Found out that the place was more than a “let’s stroll down there” thingy.
Twas really far from where I attended the seminar and it was plain stubbornness that made me determined to get there without turning back.
Btw, can someone tell those people who describe places for you and say that “it’s not far” that it’s not nice???
Ok, where I went to(I am at right now) is a hotel – Prosperous Hotel, that everyone raves about in Ado Ekiti.



Me, at the entrance to the hotel

Prosperous hotel

Prosperous hotel

They have a pool side and I have been craving a lake to visit and just have a date with Jesus with my Bible and jotter but mhen, wrong choice!

I am currently sitting outdoors by the pool side, trying to get my “seeing a new place” plans for May 2015 done and I am just not feeling it.

And I have come to four conclusions on why I am just not enjoying it…

(1) My body is so psyched to blending in with worship and prayers environment, so much so that whenever I am in a place where jams(jams according to the world) are being played, I just don’t feel it.
Bottom line, I don’t blend in with the crowd that nod to “normal music” anymore.
As a matter of fact I am itching to pick up my Bible, read the Joyce Meyer book in my bag or blog right now(which I am already doing)… yeah, I guess I’ve gotten “uncool” like that.

(2) Did you really notice that I said that I am at the pool side of the hotel right now and if you have read my stuff about me post, then you know that I can’t swim.
I just can’t bring myself to swim.
So I am sitting here wondering why I ever thought that I could get into the pool today… big downer for me!
This fear of swimming eh, how can we cast and bind it?
Suggestions are so welcome…
So right now, I am doing nothing…
Which brings me to my 3rd point as to why this trip is somehow for me.

(3) I like… no I LOVE going on hikes, climbing hills and climbing mountains.
Yes, I will shout mommy but yes also, my blood will boil within me which I love.
Yep, give me that and I will come alive like a lion… but here by the pool side, I am just pressing my phone and doing “looku looku” And generally being the boring girl who’s not even giving the people sitting beside her face. *rolling eyes*

Me doing "looku looku", on my own

Me doing “looku looku”, on my own

And that brings me to the fourth point…

(4) I know the idea of the 12trip challenge is for single ladies to get so used to going out alone and meeting new people but mhen, it’s sooooo hard!
I am here alone while peeps are all out with their friends, drinkin, eating and gisting.
And to be real, I just don’t have it in me to be my normal smiling self today.
I really just want to be at home reading a book or just holed up… wrong time of the month I guess?
Or I guess it just means that I have more work to do on being comfy with myself and in my own skin right? Enough to go out alone and have fun still…


Oh well, would be leaving now, let me see if I can smile and ask a guy sitting close to me to snap me some pictures so I can upload them with this post.

Will be back to publish this post when I am home…

And where was I?

So you guys see oh!
I am not home yet but I just came out of the pool.
I wanted to leave, turned to the guy next to me to ask him to snap me pictures and guess what?
He asked me why I wasn’t swimming and I spinned a tale about being scared, bla bla bla..
And then he says he will pay for my pass to swim and also for my swimming trunk, but I should just make sure I swim. Like, I should get into the pool by force… and that “oshofree” was what I needed to get my mojo back.


When I just got in the pool

When I just got in the pool

So just like that, my dreary outing turned awesome!


Hehe...small play play in the water

Hehe…small play play in the water

I got into the water after 10 + years of being out of it.
What happened all those years ago almost happened oh, a small incident of me being pushed inside the pool happened again but all in all, I had an awesome time!


Doing small yanga like I sabi one thing..

Doing small yanga like I sabi one thing..

With the others I met in the pool

With the others I met in the pool

Aside from me screaming mommy and being too scared to move at first, it turned out to be awesome!
Met some ladies inside the pool and we played catch with a ball, snapped pictures and just generally goofed around.

Say cheese for the pishure!

Say cheese for the pishure!

I am not home yet though, will finish this post and upload when I am home…

And yes, I am home now!
Yep, today actually turned out nice.
Chatted with the guys and girls I met in the pool and put myself out there.
Which is what this 12trip challenge should be about, meeting and reaching out to strangers we meet on our trips.
And today has been a day of free things for me, like the guy who paid for my pass to swim and swimming trunk also bought some snacks and all that for moi.
And the woman I bought fufu from gave me one free fufu just now. Hehe.
Don’t laugh at me oh, I am mega grateful… see how you can go out with just 200naira in your pocket? ok, meet me for details on how it’s done later… no too much details sha, just pray for favor everyday and God will surprise you. lol.

I and the guy who did the whole payment thing

I and the guy who did the whole payment thing

And that my people is how the dull post ended up in a great note!
Talk about surprises!
This hopefully is the beginning of my not being scared of swimming and all ye teachers, I need a trainer, do holla at moi 🙂

Hehe, say hello to the "waka waka girl"

Hehe, say hello to the “waka waka girl”

I will share my post on my trip to Idanre hills soon(April challenge), this live post just seemed to “sweet my body more to write”

You can read all my trips on my travelogue here
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Till my next travelogue,
Much love,

Smile along with moi..

Smile along with moi..


P.S – You can tell that it’s taken me HOURS to get this post done ba? Btw terrible network and all… If you read earlier, sorry, I slept off and the scheduled post went off before I could add the pictures to it. If you are reading it now, all the better, it’s complete now 🙂


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  • graciemama
    May 31, 2015 at 12:27 am

    You are not happy they didn’t give you wrong direction. I have suffered in some Lagosians’ hands asking for direction. Instead of them to just tell you they don’t know the place, they will give you all kinds of wrong direction with so much confidence you can’t doubt.
    I give you hand for your solo trips o. I have a place i would love to visit but I don’t know how going solo will be. I should give it a try and maybe blog on it too.

    • Frances Okoro
      May 31, 2015 at 6:54 am

      As in Gracie..the deal with directions.
      I experienced that during law school in Lag too oh, you need to see correct trekking on top wrong directions head *sigh*

      Do your solo trip oh! Like seriously, you wouldn’t know just what you will find/experience…it can be fun when you put yourself out there and just GO…
      Can’t wait to read about it 🙂

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