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My dearies!


I almost didn’t write this post like I said I would oh.
I wanted to just drink tea after Church and sleep but ah… the fear of carrying over posts into a month that has no space for it is the beginning of blogging wisdom!
I immediately sat up, transferred the pictures from my camera and here am I at the hill again, typing this post.
The way I have been coming to this hill sha, I think it will be my favorite place in the Ekiti (forget the fact that the network here helps me to upload photos faster than it does in my house) but first things first before we go on into gist…

Happy New Month everybody!
We won’t do the whole inspiration thing today; that’s for tomorrow.
Let me just go straight into the gist on how my trip for February went.

I have already written a “professional post” for ConnectNigeria on this but I can’t wait for them to put it up before I republish it because of the wisdom of blogging (procrastination and carrying over posts is a no no)
So bear with me if my writing gets all jumpy here… As I dey remember am, naso I go take write am 🙂



My 12 trip challenge for February qstarted on a friday 13th, the day before Valentine’s day.
I got to work and found out that my boss traveled (I still haven’t updated with the post on my job and stuffs, see the deal with this carrying over posts again? But I digress again)

Like I was saying, my boss didn’t come to work so I decided to use the day for sight seeing!
I remembered that Fajuyi memorial park always comes up in google searches for places to see in Ekiti so I bundled one of my fellow corper friend as my photographer (hehe), picked up my camera and off we went.
We paid a token of 100Naira each at the gate (info for future visitors) and when the man we paid to was about leaving, I sharpaly told him to take us around and tell us about the place. Our 100Naira shall not be in vain.



He took us to the museum where Fajuyi’s uniform, sword and cap had been kept since 1966.

Yeah, story goes that he was the first military Governor of Western Nigeria but was killed during the coup.
His body was buried at the park site and a statue was erected in his honor.

My friend and I took funny pictures standing by the statue, trying to form military personnels. Lol




We later lay down on the grass for a while… having a picnic there would have been great but we didn’t come with food and all whatnot and me I don’t want anybody to na be thinking that I “like” him because of picnic things…(based on how most corper boys abi men think)

Anyways, we just rested for a while on the grass, the place was pretty quiet and just pure bliss!
I sang along to Lara George’s Dansaki and started dancing in public.
Who currrs?

Afterwards, it was off to the high building in the park. The building is about 4/5stories tall and of course you all know how I love viewing people and the earth from “up there”. There’s just something about it, I don’t know…*shrugs*

There is also a play area for kids at the park so we went there and I got on the swing.
Sang along to “twinkle twinkle little star” and just generally basked in pure joy and happiness.
You know?
That kind of joy that you think not about the fact that you are in your twenties but you are still singing nursery rhymes… In public…in full view of big men.. hehe.
But I don’t care.
I filmed a video sef (I almost always do that in my trips).
I pray that I never lose my little girl spirit.
This spirit of joy and happiness and contentment with who I am and where I am right now.
We’ve got too much gloom in the world.
I don’t want there to ever be a day when I can’t smile and revel in joy like a little kid.

Anyways, it was time to go…
And it was also time to go for the hard trip on valentine day!

I went mountain climbing with fellow Christian corpers(NCCF)
One thing I will tell you guys for free though, hill climbing and mountain climbing is no joke.
I wonder why I love it so much… something about seeing the earth from on top again though.

My body ached and burned all through that day and for the next two days, I grunted when I had to stand up from a chair.
It did burn me some calories though.
The mountain was a bit steep.
One of those kind of mountains that you’ve gotten be on all fours to get to the top of it all.
I was so scared as usual, and was calling out mummy (I wonder why I always do that.)

But finally, we got to the top of it!
Tell me who’s the boss of mountain climbing? :-). (actually I know say I never start but don’t burst my bubble

We all just prayed, worshiped and then it was pictures time!

And of course, my climbing to anywhere isn’t complete with jumping at the apex of it all…

And till the next jump I will be doing at the top of a mountain/rock, which I doubt would be anytime soon…
I think my next trip will be to a serene environment with no plenty activity…
But on the other hand, I get a rush from doing the hard ones, like climbing stuffs and jumping on top of high mountains. Lol.

But we will see how it all goes.

Till my next 12trip challenge for the month of March,


P:S – Read the chronicles for January 12trip challenge here

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  • Reply
    Tessa Doghor
    March 2, 2015 at 11:17 am

    I enjoyed the trip to the Fajuyi Park…

    I prefer your post with all the picture speak…
    maybe I can suggest to the editor a way to post all the stuff you just did
    It is beautiful

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      March 2, 2015 at 12:56 pm

      Thank you Tessa…
      Yeah, the pictures gives it life..afterall, whats traveling/seeing new places without showing the sights?

      Would be glad if the editor can work the pics in 🙂

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