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Chronicles Of My December 12 Trip Challenge: Time Out With Family And Friends

I told Bolaji when I visited her on Christmas day and she served me one big plate of rice with big fish and goat meat that my visit to her house was going to be my December 12 trip challenge and she thought I was joking. Hehe.
Seriously though, I tried and tried to go out to the beach or something in December but it didn’t work out. One thing or the other was always springing up…
Soooo I decided to use what’s been happening in my life in this season as my 12 Trip Challenge for the last month of the year!

u 1

Smile for the camera..


First of all, clap for me ohhhh!
All 12 months done!
Like seriously, when I set the goal to see new places in January 2015, I wasn’t even set for the adventure it would take me on.
I have seen a new place in almost every State I have traveled to and it has had me looking out for how to squeeze in visits when I go anywhere.
The “travel side” of me came alive!
It was amazing!

And of course, you already know about the singles hangout and now group that God sprung out of this simple desire of mine to live a full life as a single lady… what’s not to be thankful for that I got the memo on living a full life as a single lady?

And now it’s the last month of the year…
I have lived…
Hit the goals… even exceeded the goals with God’s help and inspired other single ladies to get in on living a full and satisfied life in single hood!
Truly, my heart is full…


So for December, I visited B who we are basically sisters already, the only thing was that we had never met physically (I have a lot of those kind of sisters, Princess take note oh, it will be our turn to meet physically soon!)
So B came for the visit to the correctional centre but we didn’t really gist as everyone rushed back home when we were done based on the fear of Lagos traffic.
So after I found out that I won’t be traveling to Delta for Christmas, I started looking for a place to chop Christmas rice and Bolaji graciously offered her house.
Mhen, I set out after Church for her place and I am glad I went!
Babe just called me into the kitchen and was asking me what I want to eat.
I be dey form visitor till she told me to better open my eye and do like normal person (paraphrased). Lol.

See food B fed me with..choi!

See food B fed me with..choi!

I wisened up ohh and ate like you eat Christmas food in your house. Haha.
We talked, gisted, watched a movie and her sister even gave me a Christmas present… beautiful shoes!
Let’s just say that I wasn’t home with my fam but I had an awesome day with B!


I am currently in Delta State (thats where my Dad and mom are based) and had the youth programme to speak at in Warri on Sunday.
So I went with my sister…

I and my younger sister

I and my younger sister

I was supposed to see a friend at another friend’s wedding but I couldn’t attend the wedding so I made plans to see her and spend the night at her house after the youth meeting.
And mhen, I thank God for friendship that transcends time and distance!
I and this babe had not seen each other for two years going… since we graduated from Uni and it was just amazing to reunite with her.

With my friend..

With my friend..

Again there was FOOD (I am not a foodie oh but good food makes me smile jare especially as I’m a bit off Fitfam now and I wanna eat some normal things 🙂

Peep my yam and pepper soup there :-)

Peep my yam and pepper soup there 🙂

We gisted, laughed, smiled and there might have been some teary eyes as we shared some stuff in our lives.
Some testimonies as we looked back at where we’ve come from and where we are now…
Most of my friends who knew me in 100 level in the University, through all the relationship drama and abortions overwhelm me when they talk about all they see God doing in my life right now.
And when we speak I know that what God has done, even if one small nonsense in my head wants to make me forget, He has done it in full view of family and friends, so much so that NOTHING can ever make me forget the who I was and who I am right now.

u 10_1

As we spoke I thought of us in the years gone by…
Little girls struggling to read and have a 2.1 from the University… and now we know that that wasn’t all there is to life.
We’ve seen some trials, we’ve experienced some pain, we are still in our twenties but we are not where we used to be in the 2 years before today.
So as we left the house we prayed, the next time we meet, be it two years after now, there shall again be another marked difference in all aspects in our lives…

Ufuos, me and my sister

Ufuos, me and my sister

We all went to Shoprite in Warri oh, did some window shopping and some pictures, then indulged in some ice cream and chocolates…hehe.

u 6_1u 5_1u 4_1
And then it was time for I and my sister to go back home. *tears*

Time to go

Time to go

u 2


One thing I know though is that time out with family and friends is a soothing balm for the soul.
Yes you’d quarrel sometimes, not see eye to eye, agree to disagree but still, the love is undeniable.
And time out with family and friends is worth being a trip all on its own…
If you agree with me see Aye in the comment section below! Hehe.

u 9_1

And so we come to an end of my #12TripChallenge for the year 2015.
Will this still be a goal for 2016?
I’m not sure but my one desire is to have my trip extend to outside Nigeria!
Like it gives me a rush to visit new places and there are so many beautiful places outside our Country and I desire that 2016 brings this into my life and also a rush of seeing my sisters who I have never physically met who are outside the shores of Nigeria 🙂
I do know that there’s a lot in store for the Women At The Well group which also arose out of my desire to live a full life as a single lady.
God has plans for that group and I am just content to see how He gives the visions and brings them to life in the coming year.


For those who made this goal to see new places at the beginning of the year, I hope you achieved a bit if not all of it?
I know Gracie got on her own trips (you go girl!)
But for others, any feedback? Testimonies?

How was 2015 for you as a single lady?

Did you live a full life?
Did you enjoy your life complete with the joy God gives?
Were you comfortable enough to travel alone?
I would be glad to know how it all went for you…


I have two posts more to get up before the year ends.
An evaluation of my goals will be up soon and then we started with prayers at the beginning of the year and I would love to end with same.
All you my awesome blog family out there, I love you all!


Bye till 2016

Bye till 2016

Till I bring you other chronicles of my trips,

PS: You can read my other travelogues here


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  • Reply
    December 29, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Awww!!! I love this trip challenges. Although for certain reasons, my Calabar trip for this Christmas didn’t work out. All join, I am grateful for the tripS I made this year; both solo and non-solo. 2016 holds even greater travels for us all In Jesus Name (AMEN)

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      December 30, 2015 at 7:58 am

      Awww Gracie, Calabar trip didn’t pan out? No wahala, you’ve had awesome ones before and more oncoming amen!

  • Reply
    January 5, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    Trips….I actually tried to accomplish this challenge in 2015 but it did not work out.

    But will definitely keep up in 2016. If not 12., at least 6.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      January 26, 2016 at 9:12 pm

      Yay to getting on your trips in 2016 Uju… clean slate, new opportunity to start up…

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