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Hello Sweeries! How’s your week being? I am super excited today,TGIF!!! No work,no waking up at 5 to jog,I can laze about in bed…*Dancing around*

Ehen,before I get carried away,let’s get down to what I have for you guys.
I presume you’ve watched Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too” Sequel to the first part??
Huh?you haven’t?I aint giving you no review,go and download and watch.

Now,Angela is a character in the movie,she was married to Marcus.And they are always,always at each other’s throats.
Dianne(another character in the movie) asked her friends how you really know that your spouse is cheating.
Sheila said: If you think he is cheating,he is.
Diane said: Just because you suspect,that doesn’t mean its the truth.
Angela (the cop on her husband) said: I disagree with you.Everytime I caught Marcus cheating,I knew it before I found out.I know how to listen to that voice inside of me that tells me when a man is cheating.

Hmm.I wonder about this logic.I have heard of Men that their wives only found out they had another family,complete with wives and kids only after he died.
Wasn’t there a voice that spoke to them too?
This brings me to what I am racking my head about.
Is this really true?
Does a voice really speak to us when our spouse’s are cheating on us?
Can you really tell?

Below is a quote verbatim on what Angela said on how to catch a man that’s cheating.

Angela: I know how to tell.if he goes to work all day long and then comes home, smellin’ like a fresh bar of soap, somethings up. I ain’t got time to be sittin’ around all day guessin’.

This is also how to play the cop on him to make sure he’s not cheating;

Angela: Now, I’m an old school fool. I’m checkin’ his bank statements, I’m checkin’ his credit card statements, I’m checkin’ his time card at work and I’m comparin’ it to the hours that he said he was workin’ and it better match the money that he has comin’ home. I’m checkin’ his cell phone bill, I’m checkin’ the numbers that he was callin’ on his cell phone bill, I’m checkin’ his mileage in the car. His job is 10.5 miles, the kid’s school is 2.1 miles. I check the mileage when he goes to Terry and Dianne’s house. That is 6.7 miles… and when any of those miles come back 2.2 or 5.6 or 7.9 or 10.7… if he comes back and I see 4.8th and a half of a mile, that means he came from Keisha house…His resting heart rate is 42 beats a minute. If Marcus comes home to the house and he claims he was at work all day, if that resting heartbeat is 58 beats a minute, he been *cheatin*!The bottom line, is that I *have* to check him.

Phew!!! I am cracking in laughter.That’s a hell of a job right? Who has the time to do all the above?
Is this how to get an inkling on the voice that speaks to you that’s he’s cheating?

Help me out people,how can you really tell when your partner is cheating?
Will you be willing to keep up with Angela’s tips on playing the cop on him?
Do they really work?
Do they indeed stop him from going astray when he wants to?

Have a fabulous weekend people!!! Pls drop your comments,let’s discuss.
#Much Love For You all.Xoxo.

Better Go And Watch It.

Better Go And Watch It.

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  • Reply
    October 4, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    well i think its a relative subject. but surely there is a “sixth sense” as they say that alerts you even for a tiny bit that hey something is up.

  • Reply
    October 4, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    @Mindblowing,I will agree with you that it is relative because some ladies will swear that they never felt that anytin was where was the sixth sense then?I wonder…

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