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I Broke My Purity Vow: Is There Still Hope For Me?

Him: Are you a virgin? Me: No. But I am not sexually active. ****   The above waa a conversation I had with a doctortising my lastest upcoming books Chastity for men and chastity for ladies, I came across a comment of a man on one of my posts who read it and said “but you aren’t a virgin…”. I replied and said “no, I am a revirgin”. And I was chuckling all the way. You see, sometimes ladies (Christians)…

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But Isn’t It Okay That He Stays Chaste ‘Just For Me’?

When I was younger (and I am stilll young! 😊) my desires used to be simple. I was okay if a man declared that He wanted to stay chaste and off pre-marital sex just because of me. I mean it would go something like “oh wow, I can do it for you…” and it would flatter me, well because who wouldn’t it flatter that a man is willing to stop sowing his wild oats just so he can have me?…

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