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B. Freeborn: The Difference Between A Bad Guy And A Bad Sharp Guy

The bad guy and the bad sharp guy are both bad guys. The difference is that the bad guy is a perpetual, unrepentant bad guy while the bad sharp guy is a repentant bad guy who has love and humility in his heart.

When you hear someone nicknamed Pharaoh, what comes to mind is that this person must be stubborn and unrepentant in the manner of the Egyptian Pharaoh who needed series of signs and wonders before he would let Israel out of slavery in Egypt. This is truly a bad guy, but his end was destruction.

The other bad guy is a sharp guy, Moses, a descendant of Levi in whose dwelling place were instruments of cruelty-murder they wrote.

Moses was a murderer; he was rejected because he murdered and buried an Egyptian and as well refused to be called the son of her who ‘saved’ his life by adopting him at age three months. This is truly a bad sharp guy because he knew the consequences of wining and dinning with the bad guy Pharaoh, rather he chooses to suffer with God’s people than to enjoy with the king’s house.

As a bad guy, Pharaoh was crafty, overconfident; he believed in his authority, and in the enchantment and divination of his magicians; as a bad guy, he had followers who also were destroyed with him.

When God sent Moses the bad sharp guy to Pharaoh the bad guy, Pharaoh questioned Moses about God and said ‘who is the LORD that I should obey Him? I do not know the LORD and I will not let Israel go’.

This is truly a confident bad guy with authority and influence all over his territory.  But Moses the bad sharp guy like David, has the love of God in his heart, even though he murdered, he was kind and humble; the qualities a bad sharp guy must include zeal for God, ready to observe and serve, to listen, answer, trust and obey the good voice when it speaks.

Everyone has that tiny voice that speaks to them in specific situations, only a bad sharp guy will listen, trust and obey the tiny voice, but a bad guy will follow his hustle guide/instinct/rules and try to make his best out of a situation. But there is a way that seems right to a guy but the end is destruction.

That’s the music. Yes! “Nobody holy pass”…

All you need do in confused state is trust and obey that tiny voice when it speaks; if you suppress it, you may have positioned yourself to be the bad guy who will bear the consequence of his self acclaimed wisdom and might. In Egypt the bad guy Pharaoh was ‘kinging’ over Israel, he trusted his instincts and in the wisdom of his chamberlain; he projected an attitude of an untouchable and was a braggadocio with might. You can be sure he also heard the silent voice but hey! He was already destined for destruction. The bad guy was used as a scapegoat to show forth the hand of the Almighty in signs and wonders in Egypt.

In summary, can God use a bad sharp guy?


God can use a bad sharp guy like Moses; like David who from being a mere admirer to the owner of the babe Bathsheba after he killed her husband, his officer, Uriah.


God can use a bad sharp guy like Jacob the con man.


God can use you too if you are willing and obedient.

If God choose you, know that no matter what, your foundation is sure and only God knows those who are His, therefore, let every guy who mention the name of God depart from iniquity.

It is With you guys.


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