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Awesome Gists From The Women At The Well Hangout Part 3

I cannot believe that I’m just getting around this post when the meet held on April 9th.

Forgive me, PHCN and slow network are to blame…maybe with me a little in the middle 🙂


So before all the gists begin, the video from the meet first of all. I heard some persons have been looking for it 😀

We spoke on “finding and staying in your place” and if you need encouragement to stay in whatever season God has you, then you should totally watch the video below or on my Youtube channel HERE



Now, unto main matters on went down at National Theatre on April 9th 2016…

The Women At The Well..

The Women At The Well..

Weekends like the one we just had with “The Women At The Well” have me asking God what possibly He wants to do with me… I mean the time out with this group that started from a simple email blows me away… I am sitting and watching God build something out of nothing and this I truly had nothing to do with.


As is usual with me, I will be chronicling gist from the day’s activities.
If you don’t know what “The Women At The Well’ group is, you can start from HERE.
So our second meet for the year held on Saturday April 9th 2016 and it was just funny the kind of stunt satan tried to pull to stop us from digging into the word.’
I had gone to National Theatre Lagos on Wednesday to make inquiries about the place and was told that the venue is free and people can have picnic like stuff under the trees…one of the guards told me that it wasn’t free and people pay to the security guards but armed with information that it was free from two others, I recognized that the guy wanted to jones me and I just dumped he number he gave me.
So we got there on Saturday and one of the guards came to disturb us and with some of the ladies calling his bluff, he finally admitted that he wanted us to “dash him something” and one of us dashed him 500Naira.
Only for the meet to be in full swing and two of these security men came to ask essentially for money (they would later say that they weren’t asking for money).

With Ruthie, Bookie and Dee

With Ruthie, Bookie and Dee

As they were talking and then veered into saying that they won’t allow us use the venue, I walked away and went to the museum where I was told on Wednesday that the theatre grounds is free and I kept praying all the way… recognizing the fact that satan wanted to use the tool of distraction to take our eyes away from why we were gathered there.
I kept saying “not today satan” with something akin to anger as I saw what he was trying to do.
Getting back to the meet grounds, I saw the head of the security who the guy that was disturbing us had gone to call to support him… the head of security suddenly turned an started supporting us!
It was like magic!
I watched as the whole thing turned before my very eyes.. the head of security insisted that the grounds were free and we should go on with what we were doing.
As we were talking, the guard called me mannerless and was just lieing that he didn’t ask for cash… I wanted to get mad but realized again what was happening and started laughing.

My "satan you are bursted jump!"

My “satan you are bursted jump!”

As we were resolving that, the guard I met on Wednesday walked in and was so angry that I didn’t call him to “reason with him”. The head of security again caught on that and told us to continue and went to warn his staff.
He also told the guard who collected 500naira from one of us to return it and it was even done with apologies.
And I kept asking myself what it was about the meeting that satan wanted to disrupt… I mean the ladies could have given up and gone back home…
I could have been distracted and decided that there was no need to share the word anymore…
I could have been out of touc with what God wanted to share because of the altercations with the guards…
Instead God gave our ladies who came a heart to even much more want to stay and fellowship with each other…
An intense desire for the word…
A desire not to leave till the meet ended… my heart swelled as I saw these things and I knew it couldn’t have been me… our prayers for the meet were met and answered.

With Amakamedia and Tolu..

With Amakamedia and Tolu..

I looked at myself, the small girl who wore just jeans, top and carried a mop of natural hair on her head and I knew it wasn’t me these ladies were there for… it was God working through all these and I couldn’t be more grateful for Saturday.
Even with the sand-flies’ – there were some wicked sand-flies’ in that place, biting our ladies and even making their skin swell, still these ladies stayed, heard the word under that condition and still joined hands in prayers, with joy… I don’t know, but I am just saying thank You Lord!
Thank You!

Ify sharing some words, with her cardigan to ward away the sand-flies :-)

Ify sharing some words, with her cardigan to ward away the sand-flies 🙂


As usual, the meeting was one filled with love, joy, unity that accompanies meetings gathered in God’s name… and I was more blown away when a lady who was scheduled to meet someone at the theatre came in, couldn’t reach who she was supposed to meet, met one of us at the gate, joined the meet, heard the word and afterwards came to me to say that she is so thankful that she couldn’t reach who she was supposed to meet.
I mean how awesome is that?
God bringing people for His own purposes.
I was just blown away.

That's the lady who "bumped" into us at the right end with the blue jeans

That’s the lady who “bumped” into us at the right end with the blue jeans

Loads of testimonies about this second quarter ladies meet…
I am chronicling them all even as we watch God expand this group on His own accord.

Aramide, Amaka and Joy

Aramide, Amaka and Joy

And I will just let the pictures below tell the story of Saturday.

twtw 3

I and Tolu

I and Tolu

Almost everybody!

Almost everybody!


In front of the theatre

In front of the theatre


Just because we like to play...and Live in Jesus...life in Jesus exudes joy you know? :-)

Just because we like to play…and Live in Jesus…life in Jesus exudes joy you know? 🙂

Again, you can also watch the word that was shared at my YOUtube channel HERE or at the end of this post.
Don’t miss out on watching the video, it just might be a word for you.

Till our next meet,
Stay revved up spiritually and keep walking in God’s purposes for your life,

See how beautiful this is :-)

See how beautiful this is 🙂



PS: Amakamedia did a better job than I in writing about TWTW’s meet, it made my smiles grow wide and wider 🙂

You should totally read it HERE




Get my books HERE

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  • Reply
    April 25, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    Oh Frances,maybe i’m getting things a bit mixed up but i suddenly stopped getting notifications on the whatsapp group(Or maybe there aren’t recent posts) and it hurts that i wasn’t a part of this, I have been lonely and i need sisters like you to grow.
    God bless us all

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      April 27, 2016 at 9:34 pm

      Awww Tofola… added you up again now.

  • Reply
    April 26, 2016 at 10:08 am

    LOL. Frances? I never would have thought you’d talk about the sandflies and security ish o. They were all distractions but oh well . . . it’s all part of the story. Abi? 🙂

    TWTW (meet and all) can only get better and more fulfilling. The devil can try and roar for all I care. *flips hair*

    I pray for you Frances; May you not fail in your place of assignment. You have started well, you will end well in the name of Jesus. Amen.
    Love you sis. *hugs*

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      April 27, 2016 at 9:36 pm

      Amen and amen Amaka…amen!

      I’m chronicling it all..so I would never forget. The God who did this will do even bigger things concerning TWTW.
      *love and love and loveee*

  • Reply
    May 7, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    And I finally found the video or you finally decided to upload it. lol. I listened to it and it was great though the camera was shaking small. lol. I believe God will sow into your life a camera at the right time as his will allows.

    It’s wonderful really how our emotions tend to think for us sometimes or we want to jump into a safety net because we are unsure of God’s promises or we aren’t so rooted yet. It’s the visible us learning to be led by the visible God. It takes time, falls and rising up again and I’m so grateful for a father who loves us and is so patient with us each and everytime.

    Keep being a blessing Frances.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      May 14, 2016 at 3:12 am

      lol Itunu..network rather decided to allow me upload it..

      the emotions deal is a serious one.thank God for grace in His Spirit to put it under even in times when its hard.

      And amen to a camera at the right time.. I purposely leave these videos to show the beginning stages, else my flesh wants them to be perfect and if care is not taken, go into but see another’s clear vid and all.lol. Why am i writing this?
      Simply still, staying in my place.. God help us all as we do so, in Jesus name, amen.

  • Reply
    October 23, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Hello maam,it’s nice having big sis like you around us, I’m always eager to see your weekly post,although I’m not a sister anyway, I’m a boy. Bless God for giving you write ups on prayer,hearing God’s voice,The will of God hmmmm, I pray every morning before or as I’m on my way to school for God’s will to be done and he’s been faithful to help order my cause. I know God is using U to raise men in this last days,even though u are part of d men. I’m a teenager from Calabar.I sincerely pray you speak on ”Sexual Purity”. There’s hardly programs for men,male youth &teenagers in church,the body of Christ as a whole, but there’s always sisters forum,Esthers Night etc. If only there was a mini fellowship for brothers like this,if u know of one pls invite me ohhh. Most times it seems my relationship with God is going well …..all of a sudden I kind of gradually withdraw and b4 I know it I’m back to porn. Start the process over again…. & back i’m into it again. How can I be sexually pure,is it that I need deliverance or something? I’m be glad if u respond.sorry this is long. Thanks big sis

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      October 25, 2016 at 5:07 pm

      Hi Patrick…
      So glad to see you here and no, your response isn’t long. it is fine, we are here to help one another.

      I carry the burden too about our men, there seems to be so few ministries wanting to help raise men of character, purity and leadership today. We are praying they arise.

      But you can follow some from afar. Bro Gbile Akanni teaches on purity and discipleship and pastor Sam Adeyemi teaches on leadership. You can download their messages and glean wisdom from them.

      Also, have you downloaded my book “Chastity for men”? I hope it helps you and I have spoken on sexual chastity before, the video is at my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/francesokoro

      Aside from these, you can email me if you still want to talk, by God’s grace I am here and hopefully, we can even get a male disciple/mentor who can groom you spiritually.

      Take care of you Patrick. don’t give up the struggle to become a better man in Christ. we are struggling in the flesh but we walk in victory by the Spirit…

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