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Can God Change A Life In Four Days?

I want to freeze this moment in time. That’s why I’m writing. To freeze this moment in time where it seems God reached out to one lady called Hephzibah right in the middle of nowhere. He ordered my footsteps…

#Online Bible Study

ReBlogging: How To Hear God’s Voice

#ONLINE BIBLE STUDYONLINE BIBLE STUDY READER’S REQUES Posted on August 12, 2015 I had this word ringing in my heart when I was at the conference I attended before I released my book.And then recently, I was speaking to someone (*kiss…

Personal Memoirs


The last two months have almost feel like I was struggling for air. Struggling to stay afloat in God. My faith was tested. And the funny thing was that all these started happening after I was back from my…