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Hello there! I trust you are doing great? My birthday was yesterday, 6th September 2021 and I really felt to release this FREE eBook for you titled “Agbanilagbatan’. Agbanilagbatan means “The one who delivers completely”. It was last year during an encounter of satan attempting to come into my life to destroy good things God was doing that God Himself revealed this name to me. I am not Yoruba but this was the name God used to encapsulate that encounter…

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Personal Memoirs


The last two months have almost feel like I was struggling for air. Struggling to stay afloat in God. My faith was tested. And the funny thing was that all these started happening after I was back from my retreat I took in March/April 2021 where God had declared a “new season”. Well, the new season declaration actually started from my birthday last year 2020. I turned 28 and God began to speak me about the significance of the 8…

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Encouragement For Today

How My Faith In God Was Restored

“… For they shall not be put to shame who wait for, look for, hope for, and expect me” –Isaiah 49:23 In the year 2015 when I was just starting my journey in purpose, God promised me the nations but I waited and waited and saw nothing come to pass till the year 2018. Even in that year, it took God convincing me to believe in Him again because as far as I was concerned, He had let me down…

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Books And eBooks Resources

Two Free Gifts For You This Morning

Hey blog fam! I’ve been out of here for a while… I know. I’d be back soon.. though I still have a break in transmission in the month of March 2021 but for today I’m back.. back with a gift for you! I’ve got two gifts for you this morning.. So in December 2020 we had an online WhatsApp conference on SINGLEHOOD that was such a blessing to many! The online conference streamed out of my book Surviving SINGLEHOOD and…

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The Science Of Answered Prayers

“O You who hear prayer, To You all flesh will come.” -Psalm 65:2 I became very fascinated with prayer right from the night I gave my life to Christ (Read my salvation story here). That night, as a broken girl seeking the Lord, I found Him. So I became very intrigued with this tool that I could use to reach my God in heaven and He would actually send answers down to me on earth. Moving on from the night…

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If You Left Your Single Friends Behind After You Got Married… That Was A Very Foolish Thing To Do!

“Marriage involves you in all the nuts and bolts of domestic life and in wanting to please your spouse, leading to so many more demands on your attention.”  – 1st Corinthians 7:33 We would be lying if we say that we do not recognize the fact that of a truth, marriage does involve a person in all the nuts and bolts of domestic life. Where before you could chose to cook or not cook, now you have to cook or…

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#Online Bible Study


“And Moses said to the people, “Do notbe afraid. Stand still, and see thesalvation of the LORD, which He willaccomplish for you today. For theEgyptians whom you see today, youshall see again no more forever.The LORD will fight for you, and youshall hold your peace.” -Exodus 14:13-14 The difference one word makes: DO NOT BE AFRAID… I am fascinated by the concept of victory gotten from and by the hand of the Lord for lots of different reasons. In my…

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So this happened on Saturday! It happened that it happened that God helped me and I released my first online course FOR FREE!! I am really excited because this could have been NOTHING short of the grace of God. SUCH GRACE TOO! And its coming FREE for you! The PROCESSING YOUR MARITAL PROMISES TO COME TO PASS online course is for everyone who God has made a marital promise to but haven’t received it.. YET. We want to show you…

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Same Trap; Different Guy

Something happened recently in my life that caused me to go back in time to this evergreen lesson God gave to me at a time when I was a “hot cake” during my NYSC YEAR. I had this guy who was toasting me then…he was all like “I like you, I like the way you are a Christian and you will really help me in my walk with Christ etc etc. I used to tell him no to his question…

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#Online Bible Study MY BOOKS

A Revelation Of God’s Love + FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Night I gave my life to Christ was a dark and cloudy night indeed. That night I had once again had an ugly argument with my then boyfriend. He was smelling of igbo so that meant that he had either taken it or sat close to people who took it (as he would say). Either ways, his anger was fierce as usual for something stupid I had done, which was collecting the number of…

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