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Author Spotlight: Temitope Banks

Hello blog hearts!

Please forgive me for not posting anything on the blog in the last two days.

For #OnlineBibleStudy, I took permission from God to chill (which I am not certain I got permission), but I didn’t feel up to typing out the study, what with the long days and nights on the just released book.

And for “Awakening youths”, I was on the road yesterday. Yes, I am in Delta State after 7months of being away. Time to fatten up at

I will give you guys more gist later, for today, we have an amazing lady on “Author Spotlight”.


I remember the first time I had any sort of contact with her.
She had sent me a mail about reviewing her ebook, but I was at Law School then and we were close to writing Bar finals so I really didn’t reply.
About a year after and I was actually the one who was disturbing her to do an interview on her book and for details on her upcoming business course (so everyone I am begging to review my book now, do so
Well, let me not spill it all here, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Temitope Banks!

The beautiful Temitope Banks!

The beautiful Temitope Banks!

Frances: Lets meet you please?

Temi: I am Temitope Banks of the most high God(Hahaha). A lawyer with interest in everything ‘legally’ commercial. As an infopreneur, I run where I share all things life and business with my friends and I also co-manage (which just happens to be my hubby’s brands+wealth development platform)

Frances: I am aware that you are a lawyer like I am, so why the eBook “Get going?”
Why weren’t you just satisfied with practicing in court? In other words, what inspired you to write “Get going”?

Temi: I wrote Get Going to inspire anyone who is at a crossroad in life. You see, we all have our personal challenges and at each point in time we have a choice to make; you can either decide to wallow in self pity or take responsibility for your life. We are responsible for the outcomes of our lives at the end of the day.

For the not practicing in court,I have always been more interested and passionate about  the commercial and corporate aspects of the legal profession.

I got the inspiration for the book during a tough season in my life. I had just been rejected by a couple of top Law firms that I really really wanted to start my professional career in. Though I had the grades (Second class upper from both Law school and University) I never got past the interview stage. Initially, I thought, this was a big slap on my ‘efico’ face and I couldn’t understand why they all kept rejecting me.

I was in a very terrible state, especially with the fact that my closest friends where getting offer letters from those firms. That just aggravated everything. I felt like my whole life was going to end because I didn’t get employed by the big firms.

For some reason I started feeling like I was a failure, as if I needed to work in those place to affirm my worth. I would cry for days, morning, afternoon and night. I was on a crying spree lol, more like a drama queen. Thank GOD for my coach hubby.

One night while crying and asking God about all the things he had promised me, the Holy spirit began to ask me questions. He revealed how filthy my heart really was. Its not like getting a good job is bad but I realised my motive was all wrong; I just wanted to have bragging rights that would massage my big ego. That night was a turning point and I had to make the decision to either continue in self-pity or Get Going to my place of destiny. I repented before my father and asked for mercy. The next day the words for the book came to me.

Frances: What message did you really want to pass across with the eBook?

Temi: You are responsible for the outcomes of your life.

Frances: And I recently launched my book (even though it’s just the online copy), so I can definitely testify to the fact that writing anything and putting it out there is HARD WORK.
What kept you going in the process of writing and finishing “Get going”?

Temi: I recognized there are people who are going through serious heartaches, it may not be job related, it might be that your fiance just disappointed you or anything really.There were days when my personal pain would be so much that I could really care less about someone else’s pain, the Holy Spirit would remind me of the other people who have experienced far worse things, I wanted to encourage such people that it is not over until you win.

Lastly writing has always been my go to outlet for shedding off pain. So though I was writing to encourage others, I was also writing to encourage myself.

Frances: And yes! I believe that something else apart from an eBook is currently brewing in your pot!
A little bird told me that you would be launching a business course soon, what is it all about?

Temi: The Creative Divas’ Guide to Business is an E-course I designed to encourage other young women to make their dreams become a reality. I realize most young women have ideas but most times we might not know how to process those ideas in other to make them profitable. So the course is about bridging that gap.

Discover the mogul in you..

Discover the mogul in you..

Frances: And you seem to have ideas swirling in you – on a creative roll…
What was your driving force for putting together the business course?

Temi: I have always wanted to build a ‘profitable and impactful’ businesses, so The Creative Divas’ Guide To Business is about helping other young women build businesses that will not only be profitable but also impactful. It gives me the opportunity to be part of someone’s success story. I am a teacher at heart so I find pleasure in making very difficult concepts simple for others.

Frances: And what main lesson do you want everyone who takes part in this course to go home with?

Temi: Every thing is possible, there are no limitations. I desire that everyone who participates would have clarity so they can execute the God-given Ideas in their hearts.

Frances: I imagine that everyone would want to read words from you and be part of the awesome things going on at your end.
Please how can those who want to get your eBook and also get an  opportunity to join your business course be a part of it?

Temi: The Book is available on my site:
Registration for the Course is ongoing now and its free. There’s a Pink bar at the top of my site, just fill in your details to get access.

Frances: Please share your links and ways to contact you with us.

Temi: Instagram: Jeenager1
Twitter: @TemitopeAdewoye

Frances: Thank you so much for being our guest on author spotlight today.

Temi: Thank you Frances for the opportunity. You are fabulous!

No, you are more fabulous Temitope! Hehe…


And that’s a wrap on today’s Author Spotlight dears.

I hope you enjoyed reading it like I did.

If you are interested in being interviewed and getting your book out there on the blog, do get in touch with me at

You can read Ezar(our first guest on Author Spotlight) interview here.

Till next time on Author’s Spotlight,



P.S: Temitope’s free business course starts tomorrow August 1st so hurry up and register on

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