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Author Spotlight: Seun Adebowale

Hi everyone!

So it has been a long time since we delved into “Author Spotlight” on the blog.

I love this segment because IT IS NOT BEANS TO BIRTH A BOOK!

I love to encourage authors too and part of what I do with Beautiful Feet Publishing is to help authors birth their books.. So I am always very excited to feature an author here!

Please dig into Seun’s interview below and be inspired to work on your book if you are an aspiring author. If you aren’t an aspiring author, still dig in.

You also get a FREE EBOOK at the end. Yay! Thank you Seun!



1) Frances: Hello Seun!
It’s so great to have you on here, please tell us more about yourself.

Seun: Thank you Frances for having me here. It’s a privilege that I am not taking lightly.My name is  Seun Adebowale. I am a graduate of Accounting who loves to write and teach. I also work as a photographer. I am a product of God’s abundant grace. I tell my friends (and those that are close to me can testify) that everything beautiful in my life happened because I met Jesus and He saved my soul. I am joyfully married with two children.


2) Frances: Congratulations on your new book “conjugal speed”, what’s the book about?

Seun: Conjugal Speed is a guide for those planning to get married soon. It x-rays several cogent issues that people must consider in the building of a godly relationship that will lead to marriage. The book is written in a short concise manner, such that it can be read in one sitting. It looks at issues such as delay in marriage, desperation among others.


3) Frances: What inspired you to write the book? What was the message burning in your heart as you wrote?

Seun: I love weddings. I love godly homes. Last year, I was at one of the RCCG Holy Ghost services and there was a prophetic declaration by Pastor E.A. Adeboye that there would be many marriages this year. I couldn’t contain my joy; visions of my family and friends that have been believing God for their weddings kept coming to my mind as I rejoiced. I’ll say this book is the result of the overwhelming joy and confidence that there will be many marriages this year. I believe strongly that God will use this book to lead people to the sanctified altar of marriage.


4)  Frances: Have you always had the writing gift? When/how did you discover that you could write

Seun: I believe I have always had the gift. However, I discovered that I really love to write when I was in secondary school. I had diaries where I jotted my thoughts and meditations. It was also in secondary school that I wrote my first short story. Back then I wrote just for fun and to talk to myself. These days the purpose of writing is much bigger than that.


5) Frances: What was your biggest obstacle when you were putting ‘conjugal speed’ together?

Seun: The biggest obstacle was probably documenting my thoughts in a manner most acceptable to God. There are many things I wanted to write in the book but had to think deeply about before putting them down. The topic of marriage is one that requires great care; these days there are so many conflicting standards about what a godly marriage is. One must approach the subject with utmost care and reverence of God to get the truth.


6) Frances: What would you say is the greatest challenge for an upcoming writer like yourself?

Seun: The message and its acceptability. I believe the greatest challenge writers face is the message they want to pass across and how the general public will react to it. After reading one of my writings on Facebook, a friend sent me a private message that he was blessed but this kind (Christian writings) will attract little followership. Writers like me should stay with the message, research the topics well and be consistent in our delivery.


7) Frances: What would be your advice to would be writers who desire to have their books published but haven’t been able to do so?

Seun: A good step will be to submit to mentorship. Mentorship doesn’t necessary mean having a one-on-one session, we could study the steps and works of accomplished authors. There are authors who have platforms where they freely share secrets on how to publish a book from scratch to finish. A good one that I belong to is: Frances’ Facebook community for aspiring authors. You can join here (put the link).


8) Frances: I believe that this is just the beginning of your greatness shining through words…
Any big picture for this book?

Seun: Amen to that. The book opened my eyes to some knowledge gaps that I have about marriage, I intend to research more on the subject to fill those gaps. I have also gotten very good feedback and recommendations from those who have read the book. I therefore hope to incorporate my new findings and the feed backs into a more comprehensive volume and probably have it in a hard cover.


9) Frances:
Please Share your links through which you can be contacted and where your book can be gotten…


Seun: The book Conjugal Speed can be downloaded here

Or download via the link below:












We can connect via








10) Frances: Thank you so much for being with us today Seun. Any final words for us?

Seun: Let’s continue in the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ. Thank you.

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