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Author Spotlight: Itunu Taiwo (Author Of My Love Dairies)


Guys, I am excited about today’s author’s spotlight.

First of all, if you don’t know Itunu, I would be forced to ask you what you use your phone to read. Lol. Just joking. But really, Itunu is one Christian author to look out for today. But let me not say too much. Read about her and all God is set to use her for below:

Welcome to today’s author spotlight on IPL blog:


Frances: Hello Itunu!
It’s so great to have you on here, please tell us more about yourself.


Hello Fran! It’s good to be here too. My name is Itunu Taiwo and I love to see myself as a modern day woman with Christ-fashioned values. I love Jesus and I aspire to be like him every day. I also love ice-cream, vintage and all things pretty and pink. During the day, I work as a practicing pharmacist while I love to read and write during my spare time.


(2) Frances: Congratulations on your new books “stolen kisses” and “Dear diary”, what are the books about?

And beautiful covers too!


Thank you dear!

Both books are about love and obedience. Dear Diary was never something I envisioned putting into a book but as time went on, and on realizing how much it blessed their lives, I decided to collate it and put it up for sale. It’s quite a lot compared to Stolen Kisses. Both have a centralized theme the way my other stories do: God’s love.


(3) Frances: What inspired you to write the book? What was the message burning in your heart as you wrote?


Dear Diary came about when I was looking for where to pour out my thoughts. And before I know it, God took control and I weaved his love through the story. It became the story of a woman that was found by God and though she wasn’t perfect, God was leading her and she kept transforming into the woman God wanted her to be. I learned that when God wants to begin an intimate relationship with us, he starts with our heart which was what happened to Moyo. There were obstacles and challenges but I wanted people to know though somethings may be hard, with God all things are possible.

As for Stolen kisses, I’ve seen how Christians keep taking advice and tips from the world and I realised I had to do something about it. We are light and darkness shouldn’t be teaching us what to do and how to do. Even our judgements are full of errors because what looks good before us may not necessarily be good or justified before God.

I also realised people tend to get the clearer picture when it’s weaved through stories. So, I needed scriptural and spiritual backings to help me define what Love is in the first place and whom we should be heeding to in whatever situations we find ourselves. I also had to get people to see a practical approach on how to Love and heed God’s voice.


(4) Frances: Have you always had the writing gift? When/how did you discover that you could write


I believe I’ve always had the writing gift which didn’t reveal itself till when I was 9 thereabout. At the time, my bestfriend back then had brought some hand-written stories to my house and on reading them, I realised I could try something similar. So I would draw pictures to illustrate my point as much as I could while writing the stories I’d gleaned from Enid Blyton. Before I knew it, the writing thing chose to stay and I discovered I found joy creating new worlds, scenes and bringing my imagination to life.


(5) Frances: What was your biggest obstacle when you were putting the books together?


Oh wow! It was a rigorous process and a long one which I wouldn’t bother sharing to save time. There was a time I felt I would give up on Dear Diary but thank God for encouragements and persistence. Stolen Kisses was actually the first story I’d began before Beautiful wings on the blog but as God would have it, inspiration for beautiful wings came first before Stolen Kisses. There was a time I got stuck on how to go about the story and I thank God for grace and inspiration which led me on. Times when I didn’t have a clue as to what the next chapter would be about. God teaches me lots of things when I write. Faith and patience is inclusive. It’s amazing.


(6) What would you say is the greatest challenge for an upcoming writer like yourself?


Publicity. I’ve heard and read times without number how indie authors need to learn marketing and due to my nature, I tend to run away from that aspect of things for a while. Also, I hope people do not misinteprete the message I’m trying to pass across through my stories.


(7) Frances: What would be your advice to would be writers who desire to have their books published but haven’t been able to do so?


Just seek God’s face and trust His plans. Sometimes when I find myself struggling and wanting to do so much and begin to panic when I cannot get it done, I sense him asking me to relax and trust Him. Also if God has given you the grace to go for printed books, fine. But if he hasn’t, don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself. He will come through for you because he will give you ideas and instructions on how to go about it. He will also make a way for you. But please don’t run ahead of Him, no matter how long it takes Him to respond.


(8) Frances: I believe that this is just the beginning of your greatness shining through words…
Any big picture for this book?


Uh, I would really love everyone to get a copy while they can. It’s another reason I made it that affordable despite the stress and effort I went through putting it together with my editor and cover designer.

As for a bigger picture, I trust God to let him lead me one step at a time. And I trust Him to make His love known through my books. My ultimate joy is that people will read these books and mend their ways. They will see how much God loves them and seek Him with all their hearts. Only then will He be found.


(9) Frances:
Please Share your links through which you can be contacted and where your book can be gotten…


And beautiful covers too!

I write fiction and non-fiction stories at but you can reach out to me at

You can also get my books on okadabooks,

Smashwords: Stolen kisses and Dear Diary

Kobobooks: Stolen Kisses and Dear Diary


Frances: And any final words for us?

Last words:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and might and you wouldn’t miss a thing. Put Him first in all things and you’ll see how he will come through for you.



Itunu has said it all. Are you a new author? Be encouraged to only follow God’s plan for the gift He has given to you.

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