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Author Spotlight: Doris Malgwi

Hello people!

Long time no Author Spotlight Segment on the blog.

And people be popping their dreams of authoring new books left, right and centre! Even I will be popping my new book “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year” soonest.

So I can’t slack in supporting authors like me can I? Forgive me.

Remember that you can send me a mail at if you are an author and want to be part of this.

For today, let’s meet beautiful Doris, the author of “The Crippled Eagle”.


(1) Frances: Let’s meet you!
Please introduce yourself to us.
Doris: My name is Doris Malgwi. I am a graduate of International studies from Ahmadu Bello University. I am a civil servant. A proud mother of two boys and a happy wife. I love reading, especially crime novels. I have a big shelve in my house for my books and I treat my books like my prized possession. Writing is like second nature to me, I have always scribbled short stories as early as when I was twelve years.


(2) Frances: Congratulations on publishing your book!
What’s the book about?

The Crippled Eagle...

The Crippled Eagle…

Doris: Thank you!
The Crippled Eagle is about how everyday people can make extraordinary difference in society. And a little bit of Nigerian politics in the mix. Kiangchat, my heroine was a simple girl living a boring normal life until she was thrown into s conspiracy so big it will bring Nigeria to its knees.
The very cabal that are publicly supporting and sponsoring the president on his next election are trying to assassinate him.
Her boyfriend Sunny a journalist stumbles on the proof and was killed for it. The killers assume she knows about it and they come after her too.
Enter two men in her life, both working for the State Security Service and both claiming the other is the villain.
Kiangchat has to find out what the smoking gun is and device a way to expose the culprit and expose the conspiracy wide open.
Nigeria is a proud Eagle, but the shenanigans perpetrated by politicians has made this proud Eagle crippled.


(3) Frances: Wow!

I admire you guys who write fiction. You have a way of wrapping in the lessons in the stories!

Have you always been a writer/does writing come easily to you?
Doris: For as long as I can remember I have always been writing.
Yes, it does fortunately. I have always scribbled on my note books short stories as early as my primary school days, I used to spend every free time in the library. I stumbled on one of my writings a week ago. I love writing, whenever I have a free time I always try write something down.


(4) Frances: Please share your writing muse with us..what gets your creative juices rolling?
Doris: My husband says I am Piscean, and that should always be my answer to why I write. He believes I have a wild imagination.
I get my inspiration from News stories. Personal stories from individuals. Some books; sometimes I read books and imagine what it will be like if the story was told another way. And of course my wild wild imagination.


(5) Frances: Any challenges so far on the journey of writing‎ and publishing your book?
Doris: A lot. It takes a long time before a book can get published. The editing stage especially. Mind boggling.
Though it has been an exhilarating journey. A learning process. I have enjoyed the experience so far.


(6) Frances: What would you do differently if you were to go on the “crippled eagle” publishing journey again?
Doris: Edit. Edit. Edit.


(7) Frances: What is your advice to would be authors?
How can they avoid the pitfalls you stepped on?
Doris: Think outside the box. Sounds cliché, but most manuscripts that publishers are interested in are different stories, new out of this world ideas.
They should also learn to edit their books, believe it or not after a good idea, editing makes or break a novel.


(8) Frances: And just so some readers minds are averted to this.. what is the main message you want to pass across with “the crippled eagle?”
Doris: How life can change in a second, be it bad or good. How a decision someone made somewhere can affect you hundreds of miles away. And anybody can be a hero, you just need to believe in yourself.


(9) Frances: Any plans for your next book? Yes, we wanna know!
Doris: I am actually on the sequel to “The Crippled Eagle”


(10) Frances: How can we reach you/ get your book?
Share links with us…


Doris: You can get “The Crippled Eagle” HERE on Amazon

And follow me on Twitter @DorisMalgwi




So that’s our amazing Doris on “author Spotlight” today

I’d love to ask if you enjoyed the interview (I did!) but I am more concerned about you as a writer/aspiring author taking the reins and going forward with your dreams to publish your own book.

This person on this interview could be you dear.

Yes it could be you

Dream it, go hard towards achieving it and let God lead.

We are all growing together.

Little by little, God will blow our minds with the results of these seemingly small dreams that we are faithful enough to #push to bring to life.


Have an awesome weekend everyone and don’t forget to check out and buy “The Crippled Eagle” HERE.





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    Winifred Achi
    April 22, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Thumbs up Doris.

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      Frances Okoro
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      A great big thumbs up to her.
      Thanks Winifred!

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