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Author Spotlight: Affiong Ene-Obong

Hello my dearies!
I hope your week was splendid?


So I’m very excited about today’s post for two reasons…
First the Author Spotlight segment on the blog isn’t dead!
And please take this as a call to you all… everyone who has dreams to publish a book this year… Imperfectly Perfect Lives is open to host you on our Author spotlight segment.
Publish your book and please come on here for an interview to showcase you and your book to the world.



Secondly, I am excited about interviewing Affy today.
I have never met her physically but that’s inconsequential in view of her amazing self that has seeped into my life even through our virtual relationship.
Thank you for being on here today Affy.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The beautiful Affy!

The beautiful Affy!

(1) Frances: Hello Affy!
It’s so great to have you on here, please tell us more about yourself.


Affy: Affiong Ene-Obong is an artist, writer and blogger. She stumbled across her gift of writing a few years ago. She believes that a man’s purpose lies in the problem he was created to solve. Her blog is designed to feature the works of other poets, artists and includes inspirational and life improvement articles that she hopes will contribute to making the world a better place. Her aspiration for her anthology and blog is to see the world transformed by her words.



(2) Frances: Congratulations on your new book “a life called forever”, what’s the book about?


Affy: ‘A Life Called Forever’ is a collection of inspirational poetry that explores themes that include coming of age, religion, overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest. These poems are to inspire, impact and transform lives.


'A Life Called Forever"

‘A Life Called Forever”

(3) Frances: What inspired you to write the book? What was the message burning in your heart as you wrote?


Affy: ‘A Life Called Forever’ is a picture in verses of experiences. The highly reflective poems were beautifully composed to inspire, impact and inform the world about the love of Christ. The anthology was inspired by the desire to use my talents for God’s glory; for God to write His stories on my heart.
The message in my heart was simply based on the fact that I earnestly desired to inspire, impact and transform lives as well as encourage others to fulfill destinies, pursue excellence and discover purpose.



(4) Frances: Have you always had the writing gift? When/how did you discover that you could write?


Affy: I discovered my passion for writing at a young age. I insisted on improving on my vocabulary, diction and writing skills. I composed letters, read books and loved literature.

I remember writing essays back in primary 3 and was highly commended by my teachers.
I also have a friend who composed poems a lot; these poems were creatively written, had apt titles and were relatable. I knew I had a passion for it so I decided to take on my writing craft.



(5) Frances: What was your biggest obstacle when you were putting ‘A Life Called Forever’ together?


Affy: To be honest, I never had obstacles. I knew I wanted to write so I did.

(6) Frances: Wow!

I need some of your determination to excel, putting down the challenges as nothing!

What would you say is the greatest challenge for an upcoming writer like yourself?


Affy: Traditional publishing is one of the challenges any upcoming writer would encounter considering its hassles.

(7) Frances: What would be your advice to would be writers who desire to have their books published but haven’t been able to do so?


Affy: For all who desire to publish their books, please be sure you have a passion for writing. Once you have it, keep writing. Don’t let the hassles of publishing discourage you. Publicity is key; let people know what you do and they would come through for you.
Finally, believe, dream, think and win.

(8) Frances: I believe that this is just the beginning of your greatness shining through words…
Any plans for another book?


Affy: Definitely.

(9) Frances: I love the finality of definitely!
Certainly… we’d be having you here as soon as your next book rolls out.
Please Share your links through which you can be contacted…


Facebook- Affiong Ene-Obong
Twitter- @Ms_Affy
Instagram- @Ms_Affy
Goodreads- Affiong Ene-Obong



Frances: And any final words for us?


Affy: I’m on journey of purpose, fulfillment of destiny and pursuit of excellence and I want you to be part of it.
Be the best, do what makes you happy, show some love, spread God’s word and make the world a better place.



I can tell you guys that I love this segment on the blog!
Even for me the blog author, there’s something about feeding off people’s dreams… off dreams that have become a reality.
Thank you so much Affy for graciously being a part of Author Spotlight on the blog today.


And everyone, please don’t just read, get your copy of this book…
‘A Life Called Forever’ is available in e-book and paperback formats.
Get it on Amazon-


On Goodreads-


And on Konga-
I look forward to hosting more Authors on the blog… and by that I mean YOU…yes YOU.

Make #2016 a year to go out with the dreams of being published…dreams you’ve been holding onto for years.
The world needs your words… pretty please let the world get those words that would save them from you.



Till Next Time On Author Spotlight,


PS: Please share this post and move a young lady’s writing career to greater heights… you never can tell who’d read this…
Thank you.



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