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A Call For Warrior Wives To Arise!

We started a new series of study on “The Women At The Well” group yesterday… “Becoming God’s Own Kind Of Women”.
The study is basically us looking into the lives of women who are in the Bible, with a view to getting characters, attribute, attitude and behavior that please God and not the world… behaviors we can inculcate in our aim to please our Father as His daughters.
And our first study yesterday was centered on Deborah.
After the study, one of us posted a link to a Prov31 devo here.

And a burden has just been on me as regards praying for our women – wives – believers in today’s world.


We were supposed to start the “Preparation to be a Wife 101 series” that I mentioned here last week but I’m sorry, I just feel that this has to come first.
One thing I want to say though is that today’s word isn’t for only wives who are technically wives with rings on their fingers…
It’s meant for ALL of us.
One of the very first insight I got on the “preparation to be a wife series” was the fact that a wife doesn’t become a wife when she’s married to the man at the altar… she becomes a wife even from right now in single hood.
The Bible doesn’t say “he who finds a single woman…”
It says “he who finds a WIFE…”
She isn’t married when she is found, but she is a wife.
YOU… yes YOU dear single lady ARE SUPPOSED to be a wife before you are found.
We will continue these lessons when the series begins properly, I just said the above to make us know that this post is for us all ladies (technically married or not).


So one of the things that struck me about Deborah was the fact that she was the solution to the nation. (another lesson, God doesn’t want to do local with us, He’s going global…if we’ll let Him work in us).
Deborah was God’s answer to the people’s cry when they had been under slavery for 20years.
Are we ladies God’s solution to the world?


But then as we studied, I just thought about the world right now.
If you’re sensitive in the Spirit, you’ll notice that two things are happening right now…
(1) A call to everyone to go in deeper with the Holy Spirit. A call to train the Spirit in us, grow and be led by Him as that’s the only way we can survive in these dark times… this lesson is everywhere you turn!
(2) A call for us to arise and #PRAY.
Now this second lesson is what I want to centre on today.


Watching “War Room” was a part of our schedule in our last singles hangout and I re-watched it with my friend last night.
Prior to yesterday, I have been having a serious call during the week to arise and pray.
That I have been trying to do as God gives me grace to do so…
You won’t believe that after watching it yesterday I got in a fight with my friend.
Blessedly we immediately reconciled and went on…
But then when I went on the Prov 31 site, I saw a comment that made me know that satan isn’t playing with trying to stop us from arising to #pray and win the battles on our knees.
And he will use quarrels and issues to detract us from what God wants to do in this time if we don’t become more clever than he is.


As I studied Deborah also, this passage struck me…


“The villages were unoccupied and rulers ceased in Israel until you arose–you, Deborah, arose–a mother in Israel.
Awake, awake, Deborah! Awake, awake, utter a song!”
Judges 5:7, 12 AMP


God needs Deborahs to arise and awake!!!
To arise in the battle on our knees.
How else can He get this message across to us.


Most of us are so wrapped up in the world’s system… jobs, kitchen, family… we are forgetting that this world will soon pass away.
And God is saying what will make my rule reign and make you dominate on earth is for you to ARISE, AWAKE, heed my call and go on your knees!
This isn’t just for wives who are technically married (as explained, we should all be wives even right now in single hood), this is for EVERYONE.
But I’m focusing on women today because I have a burden for us.


Dear lady,
Can we step into God’s plan for us right now?
Can we arise and step out in God’s Word, full of His Spirit and power?
That power is only gotten on our knees..scabashing our hearts out!


Oh, there’s just so much breathing from God into us.
Women arise!
Ladies awake!
We have slept for too long.
More than ever before saints who pray are needed in this time and age.


I don’t want to push this down our throat so much because the point of all my words above is simply to get us to take some time out and get on our knees today.
Would you be so kind as to be part of the prayer chain here today?
Wherever you are as a lady, can you take a minimum 30minutes to pray for the believers… for warrior wives to arise?


I hope you say yes…

Please wherever you are, join us as we pray…
Our heart cry is simple…
“Lord, please raise women – believers who will do battle on their knees. Raise believers who will fight for their families, workplaces, church, world in prayers…
Raise believers who are set on fire in you…
Holy Spirit break out upon us again… give us fresh fire, fresh anointing…
Start a revival with us and in us in this time Lord.
Stir us up to win the wars and battles right on our knees…
Raise us up Lord… raise warrior wives up!
Raise wives who change the atmosphere with their words…
Raise women who will prophesy dead things into life.
Raise women who will speak life into everything they touch.
Raise Deborah’s of today.
Raise Esther’s of today.
Raise Ruth’s of today.
Women full of Your wisdom… wise and crafty in the things of the Spirit.
Oh Lord raise wives in you…
Strengthen us, let our knees go down and let our lives be raised up in victory in You.
Lord raise ME to be this kind of believer…
Raise ME for you.
Raise me in this time for you… I am willing.
Use me as a vessel for your own glory.
Use me as a vessel to speak forth your word.
Use me Lord to stir the nation’s up.
Use me Lord..
Raise me up… raise me up for you… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed, amen!


Remember please give at least 30minutes in praying the above.
Pray in the Spirit too and add other prayer points as the Spirit leads you to do.

Men are also welcome to join in this, pray for your wives, future wife, sisters, every woman basically… thank you!


There is a call to us believers in this time.
There is a call for warrior wives to arise.
There is a call for us to awake from our slumber.
I pray we heed.
I pray we awake!
Awake Deborah’s of our time.



Till our next love letter,



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  • Reply
    February 6, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    I feel the need too to pray more than ever.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      February 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm

      Yes Esther…I believe you’ll yield to that need.

  • Reply
    February 6, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    I BLESS God for that word. Truly He is calling us to arise. Am amazed by how the HolySpirit works.Oh He is raising WOMEN OF HIS PRESENCE. Women that will dwell in the Secret place.We are not only privileged to be called but to be chosen by Him. Thankyou Lord!!!!!!!!!!
    Gal,,,,,,thankyou for allowing God to use you….You are BLESSED
    Lets raise the banner of JESUS,,,HIGHER

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      February 6, 2016 at 7:28 pm

      Love you Regina… that’s all i have to say 🙂

  • Reply
    February 8, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    Thanks so much Frances for sharing this. The scripture you shared has been resonating in my heart for months! May we awake and arise. And may the Lord use us to His glory as we do so in Jesus name.

  • Reply
    February 9, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Amen Sis! Women have slept too long in the spirit , we need to wake. To buttress this point, I would cite a personal example . Years ago, while growing up, my mom and a couple of other church women would meet once a week and intercede for their families. They did this every week for a long time. Little by little , we began to see changes in the lives of their respective families, husbands began to breakthrough and succeed. Prayer is a indeed a powerful weapon and a privilege.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      February 10, 2016 at 6:17 am

      Wow Tosin!
      If we could have women band together like that in this day…wow.
      I know it must be happening in some circles but really if we could personally do so.
      Been thinking of using Sundays for my fam…will put it into action now. thanks Tosin.

      Niice to have you here again sis

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