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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose NYSC Youths Speak Reflections Of Ex-Corpers On NYSC Year Well Spent

Frances Okoro: Reflections Of An Ex-corper On Her Meaningful Service Year (Interview)

Hi people! I hope you are loving the day that Friday is? Workers, students… can I get a yay? 🙂   Okay. Like I mentioned in my Chronicles of my last day as a youth corper post, (click on the link and read if you haven’t yet :-))  my friend David Adeyemi who was a part of Awakening Youths on the blog sent in some questions for me to answer on my NYSC year. So I thought “what better way to wrap…

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Awakening Youths Reflections Of Ex-Corpers On NYSC Year Well Spent

David Adeyemi: Reflections Of An Ex-Corper On His Meaningful Year

He called me out from where I was seated during the last day of the conference we both attended and he said “I don’t know how to write about my NYSC year, my heart is too full, I can’t find the words to express it all so let me just tell you by word of mouth…” I stood looking at him with my mind churning on with a million things – feeling his joy within me because what he felt…

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Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

NYSC Youths Speak: David Adeyemi

Now this is an interview of someone I was/am grateful that our paths crossed during this service year. We both did the Awakening Youths event here and I am certain that David is one youth to look out for. This man is going higher as God helps him to… And the most awesome thing is everything he shared in this interview, he’s achieved. But let me not burst the bubble, just read it all for yourself below…   Me: Let’s…

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Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

NYSC Youths Speak: David Nwaefulu

I was at my C.D.S(legal aids) dinner this past weekend, where the question on how we have been enjoying our service year was meant with snickers and grunts of “enjoy ke, it has been boring”. I was simply looking around and telling everybody that mine has been awesome! My plate is full, as in full to the brim. I have been impacting lives with my work in schools by God’s grace, doing my small business, writing my book, making sure…

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