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Personal Memoirs

My Pledge: I Am A Disciple Of The Lord Jesus Christ

I filmed this video on Instagram (@HephzibahFrances) when I just came out from my retreat in April 2019. They were from words I had written at a time God was dealing with me during my retreat. They aren’t words I took lightly; I knew that I was making a pathway with God I couldn’t turn back on. I was also supposed to put it up on the blog as a memorial for the years to come. You can watch My…

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#Online Bible Study

Intimacy With Jesus || All Holds Barred

“Inside the Tent of Meeting, the LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend…” -Exodus 33:11 I have been running a series on Instagram/social media for a while now; for new-born again believers. One thing that has been a constant flow in this season that I hear is on new believers who basically find it hard to forgive themselves for the past and also find it hard to believe that God has forgiven them.…

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#Purposeful Living

Blog Plans For 2015

Some persons have asked me what my blog is all about and the long version is in my about blog page but let me do a short version today. My personal word for 2015 is to walk in God’s purpose for my life and of course, that includes my blog. I got the word “Imperfectly Perfect” from my eyes. I have what Nigerians call “half past eyes” and as I began to see myself the way God sees me, I…

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