Hello there my dear aspiring author!

Its Frances here… I presume that you have already read about Beautiful Feet Publishing HERE.

Well, here’s your free Ebook as promised on that page.

“Road To Self-Publishing” for the aspiring author is an Ebook that stemmed from an online course I did for aspiring authors.

I believe that some persons might not know that they are supposed to write a book now but such plans maybe in the works for the future.

So I worked on the course and transformed it into an Ebook because I desire that you have a resource for your book journey when you are ready to get on it.


What You Can Expect From The Ebook…

*Details about my own book journey to encourage you

*On Conquering fear

*Writing And Editing your book

*Converting your books to Ebooks

*Marketing and distributing your book

*The Seed Principle


This Ebook has been an answer to lots of prayers and I hope that it is to yours also.


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    April 17, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    For releasing this wonderful materials for FREE! I’m so grateful, God bless you

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