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Hello there!

I’m Frances Okoro, the author of the books you’ll shortly be reading (about).


Ever heard of “this time next year testimonies?” That is, testimonies of God just turning your life around in the space of 12 months?

Well, my books are one of such testimonies.

This time last year I had no idea that I would ever put pen to paper (or fingers to laptop) to string words together in something called a book.

But the year 2015 has been full of wonderful surprises!

God not only placed one book in my heart, He placed two in my heart – both to be released in 2015 (You can read all the details here)

Can I do it?

Of course I can’t, but yes God can!


And just because I am also itching to see what God does with my gift of writing for Him, I will be updating this page with links to get the books God gives me to write as time goes by…

Just click on the links below to get your copy of each book…


All Book Titles By Frances Okoro:

chastity for men book cover

Chastity For Men (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD available)










10 Steps To Walking In Purpose (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD also available)












Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year




Prayers For Your Future Husband

Email to order for your copies of any of the above books.


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Instagram: @frances_okoro

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