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When I first started out on self-hosting my own blog, I was fresh out of Law School, wide-eyed with fuzzy thoughts about what my future held.

I had just been pushed into the “real world’ and had thoughts about where “money” would come from for my upkeep.

So it was such a shock when I got the bill for setting up my self-hosted blog. It was way definitely above what I could possibly afford so I got to work on my own and by myself and realized hidden potentials in me. Yes, I learnt that I could set up my blog myself and still pursue my dreams on a “low budget”.

And that’s what I want to offer you.


So here’s the deal: You can host your blog on two platforms: “Free and paid”. I started with a free blog. And the best of these in my opinion is
Simply go to and follow the prompt from putting in your blog name to setting up your blog.

But if you have plans to stay around for a long time as well as to use your blog as a sales funnel for your books then I suggest that you go the paid way. You can host your blog on a hosting plan and this gives you the liberty to do whatever you want on your blog space. For example, you can host an eCommerce store on your blog where people can buy your products and get it delivered to their doorstep.

You can also set up PayPal on your blog and sell your eBooks with it if you are an author like me.

But you cannot do all these on a free blog.

Setting up your blog on a hosting plan can be pretty easy or difficult. It depends on you.

You need to get as much information about the hosting companies as you can before you take the plunge. You also need to decide on the best hosting company to use and the hosting plan to chose as well as your blog design.

The process can be such a royal pain to anyone who ventures out on it and this is where I come in…
I can help you set up your self-hosted website/blog.

You do not have to shut down your dreams of owning your own self-hosted website/blog because of money or time or the royal pain it would take you to do it yourself

Let me help you set up your website for A VERY AFFORDABLE FEE.


What I Offer:

  • A self-hosted website/blog for your business, author website, company, etc.
  • Hosted on a very reliable web hosting company with unlimited bandwidth (no matter the size of your traffic, your site won’t go down) and ability to host up to 3 websites on the same plan.
  • Very low/no downtime.
  • Set up of your website/blog with a basic theme, design and important plugins.


Need my help?

Mail and let’s get started on setting up your own professional self-hosted blog.

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