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My name is Frances Okoro, the lady behind “Beautiful Feet Publishing”.

Welcome to the world of those who can change the world with the words in them.


“Beautiful Feet Publishing” is simply a platform focused on helping aspiring authors birth their books to life.


“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”


-Isaiah 52:7


I believe that you have good news to publish and the world needs to hear it. And I simply want to help you get your baby into the world.


I am an author of three books (with more oncoming) and my journey to publishing my books was simply based on “Crazy Faith Stunts” like inviting people for my book launch when I didn’t even have the money to print my books.

So if you are at a loss as to how your dreams can come to life, I am with you, because I have walked this journey before.

Let me show you how you can walk yours and come out on top.




Watch “The Crazy Faith Stunts Of Christian Authors” series on Youtube HERE





To Get You Started:

We currently Offer FOUR Amazing Services.



You don’t have to make mistakes/stay up late at night trying to figure things out ALONE.

Let me help you birth your books from idea to reality.


Mail me at and let’s get started on making your book dreams a reality.


(2) The FREE Ebook For aspiring authors.

This FREE Ebook contains almost everything you need to get started on your book journey.

I spent hours hunched over my laptop looking for what I shared in this eBook and its all for FREE.

You simply need to subscribe below to get your copy.











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The Facebook group is a platform where aspiring authors can be personally coached through their own book journey.

I am available to everyone who joins the group to answer their questions or simply hold their hands as they walk their own journey.

I literally had almost no one when I stepped out on my own journey and so I know how it feels to be alone.

If you desire to be coached through your journey, join the FREE Facebook group HERE



As much as I shared all I could share on the FREE Ebook, it still has a whole lot of stuff that couldn’t go in.

Stuff like how to convert to EPUB and MOBI files…

How to market and distribute your books and get them sold out in no time…

How to set up an email system on mailchimp to get your Ebook out to your readers…

How to use platforms like Ganxy, Amazon, ECWIP to sell your book. etc. etc.

Simply email to purchase your copy.




This is an annual conference that is garnered towards helping writers hone their skills and reach the world with the words in them.


What you can expect from the conference:

Your fear about what to do about your book dreams laid to rest..

Your confusion about what to do resolved…

Your feelings about being alone squashed.

We will dig into lessons from getting ideas to writing your book..

From editing your book to designing your book cover…

From making eCopies and print copies to having a book launch….

From marketing and distributing your books to impacting lives for years to come…

Expect to be saved many sleepless nights you would have wasted sitting at your laptop with no idea on the next step to take.


Who should attend the conference?

EVERYONE who believes that they have a book inside of them and need help to birth it to life.

EVERYONE who wonders about how they will fund their book dreams – how to pay editors, publishers, graphic artist, etc, etc.

EVERYONE who has ever had a dream that they can author a book.


This is me saying that you do not have to kill that dream. Take it from a lady who didn’t even know how she would navigate her first book journey and now has three books and more oncoming.

I simply want to help you birth your own babies to life.


Venue: Lagos (revealed to only those who will be coming)
Date: To Be Unveiled
Materials for the conference? You get the FULL and detailed ‘Road To self-publishing manual”.
Fees: Affordable.


Simply mark your calendars!

And be sure you subscribe below to get details on the conference and also get your FREE Ebook to help you with birthing your book to life.

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And please, share this post to EVERYONE who needs this..

Thank you!


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Your book dreams shall not die with you.
Amen 🙂


Love and light,

Frances Okoro

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